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Benamor Golf Course - latest comments and reviews

phil townsend 2024-07-06
Greens slow after recent hollow tining.

Gerhard Schrempf 2024-07-02
HOLLOW CORING OF GREENS was performed. The greens are therefore in poor condition

Mike Smith 2024-05-24
Good; the course looked a bit scruffy in places.

Alain Cardoso 2024-02-04
Bunkers don´t have enough sand. It must be improved. The rest of the course is in excellent conditions

Mark Hughes 2023-11-14
Nice course, quite short with some drivable par 4s and would suit higher handicap players nicely whilst still providing enough of a challenge for better players. Starter was a bit officious, unnecessary so, in my opinion. Some nice holes set amongst some very old olive trees.clubhouse is an old quaint wooden building.

Billy Freeland 2023-10-15
Course ok but fairways need more water. Overall rating good and service good

Anthony Smith 2023-10-13
Very slow due to 4 fourballs playing a texas scramble and refusing to let faster players behind through, ignoring course etiquette. Course representatives did nothing despite being aware of the situation. 4 and a half hours for a round here is unacceptable.

Terry Dickinson 2023-10-07
I really enjoyed the course - although understandably a few bare hands patches

Terry Dickinson 2023-10-07
I really enjoyed the course - although understandably a few bare hands patches

J.P. Visser 2023-06-18
Carfully mantained course. Bunkers to hard. Greens ok. Friendly staff

Woof 2023-05-25
Some of the buggies were not in the best of condition. Dirty windscreens and some ripped seats.

Sonny Sisante 2023-05-05
Easy to play the course because Shorter total yardage.

L.E. Abramoff 2023-04-26
Benamor informed me that i should have reserved a buggy and that i was lucky that one was available!

Charles Stadnik 2023-03-28
Pleasant course, but found it not as well maintained as the courses we had played earlier in the week. Staff were helpful.

Rudolphus Verberne 2023-02-15
Wonderful open course with plenty of challenges

David Askew 2023-02-11
Average course easy walking not great layout but condition was brilliant especially the greens. They need to sort tees out

Philippe Pineau 2022-11-04
Benamor is a pleasant course, but the bunkers are in poor condition

Joe Egan 2022-11-02
A Henry Cotton design, enjoyable test, will definitely enjoy more on the 2nd visit, I will definitely benefit for knowing the course a little.

Steve Grant 2022-11-02
Greens and fairways were very good. Tees, average. The bunkers were a disgrace! Worst I've ever played. Not raked since heavy rains two days ago. They should have been GUR until they were repaired

Pål Christiansen 2022-10-31
It’s a nice simple course, definitely not an A course and consequently vastly overpriced.

Jerome Dalpan 2022-10-18
i went several times on holidays with Teetimes, played more than 20 courses with you. This is the first time i will write something negative, and very negative. Not about the course, which is fine, but about the personnel. Not all the personnel, but about the marshalls, who are not portuguese, who are impolite, rough, brutal, and discriminate. I really think at that point that this course does not deserve to be in you short list. Long story short, we played in 3h 45 min. we played 13 holes attached to the team ahead of us. tee box 14, the so called marshall was waiting for us, and without any welcoming sign was indicating me the yellow tee box. "sorry sir, i am playing from the white ones" from there he followed us ALL THE HOLE without saying a word. Mid all 15 he is yelling - no hi, no please, no thanks - at us - at least 40 meters away - to speed up cause we are 5 min disconnected from the team ahead. It is too late for this kind of comment, the speed is already set, max we can gain 10 min. We arrive at 18 in 3h45min, just after the team ahead of us. And guess what, our marshall is there, waiting, on the terrasse .... for the team behind us arriving without a single remark 25 min later !!! unbelieveable !! I have never seen this. And the worst in this , is that this marshall thinks he is right. And such an event makes all minor things to pop up, like the rental trolleys. They are more expensive than anywhere else. and on top of being expensive, are locked like supermarket trolleys where you need to place 1 euro . really ? well, do not hesitate to contact me, cause this course wants members, not guests. If they do not want this ressource, better for teetimes to send golfers to other places

Richard Walsh 2022-10-14
Interesting course and maintained reasonably well. Main problem golf club trying to squeeze as many players as possible on to the 18 holes. 5 hrs not acceptable

Peter Chloupek 2022-10-12
As always, the best service for any kind of Golf reservation

Tony Abbott 2022-10-04
Lovely golf course always friendly very underrated excellent condition

Bolton David 2022-09-06
Great day out

Mark Oldfield 2022-07-08
Enjoyable round. Great course, well maintained with picturesque par 3’s

pat wallace 2022-06-25
Welcoming enjoyed the course no waiting around. Greens not as good as some of the courses we played but acceptable for time of year

Tony Abbott 2022-05-21
Excellent course great service

Terry Smith 2022-05-05
Golf course in very good condition.

Jonathan Ashley Pickles 2022-05-02
Nice course but probably too busy, felt we were waiting on most shots,back nine was better than the front. Enjoyed our day, but there are other courses we prefer

Terry Smith 2022-05-02
Very enjoyable round of golf

Carmel Murphy 2021-09-22
The course itself was enjoyable but the quality was either disappointing

Vincent Brennan 2021-09-22
Considering we are in peak season, it was a strange time to topdress the greens and tee boxes! The buggies were horrendous! We won’t be back

Thomas Brugelmann 2021-07-01
Not long, but challenging nonetheless

Jackie Robinson 2020-02-18
Excellent fun!

Mark Hullock 2020-01-26
Really friendly staff nothing too much trouble will come back again.

Tuilier 2019-12-01
Very good welcome, I played with à couple of swedes and the course was very nice

Dave mcleod 2019-11-13
Nice course bit pricy and a bit slow with inexperienced golfers ahead of us but overall good experience

David Patterson 2019-11-12
Benamor is a friendly golf course that provides a challenge to golfers of all abilities. For the very low handicap golfer it offers the opportunity to go under net par. Consequently it can be busy. The course is in great condition.

Julian Pallister 2019-10-18
Excellent days golf. Not to crowded.

Liam Kearney 2019-10-15
Benamor was fairly dry but all enjoyed the golf

Helen Rutherford 2019-10-10
Extremely busy, played here many time but never played that slow before. However greens were perfect, relaxing course and the staff were very friendly. Pleasure to play on the course. Played with another English gentleman who was a member and invited me to play again.

Paul 2019-09-29
The club was great in that we went a day early by mistake and they still allowed us to play. We were held up by two four balls who should have let us through but kept ignoring us. Not the clubs fault. However the course was in good condition. Buggies were relatively cheap to hire as compared to other Algarve courses. Probably the right amount of challenge in the course for us.

ILLINGWORTH 2019-09-05
Very good an excellent course for holiday golf

Ingrid van Loenhout 2019-07-03
The course is averige. Lots of sand.

Paul Simmons 2019-06-01
Very good course

Tony Abbott 2019-05-30
Very friendly underrated golf course we love it a good course to kick off our tour

jackie robinson 2019-05-27

Vandewiele Katelijn 2019-05-27
not to difficult to play, beautiful course !

Julian Pallister 2019-05-13
Course in good condition and few people playing soma good fast round.

Greg Reynolds 2019-05-04
A lovely course. Challenging but good. Lovely condition.

Julian Pallister 2019-05-01
Excellent condition and no waiting.

Seamus Leonard 2019-04-19
Really enjoyed a tricky course. Would come back for sure

David Symons 2019-04-19
UK country-style course, nice welcome and friendly locals. Some electric walking trolleys for hire would be a good idea.

Fran Mackey 2019-04-17
Very nice course, but the greens were very disappointing

Jackie Robinson 2019-04-08
Excellent and fine for our last day!

ian nicholas 2019-03-17
Well maintained course with some nice features

Frank Doherty 2019-02-07
Course was very busy some delays

PLICHTA 2018-12-14
Un parcours amusant à l entretien très correct . Des vallons , des dodlegs ,,un peu d eau à franchir. Tout pour passer un bon moment golfique.

Bob Inglis 2018-10-19
Course was fine, nice Terrace and efficient reception

Neil Wendel-Jones 2018-10-15
Unfortunately only played seven holes due to the very wet weather.

Michael Dobson 2018-10-15
Pity about the greens being tined but the course was in good condition. Buggies very expensive 20 to 25 Euro should be the maximum in line with the majority of courses in UK

Billy Freeland 2018-10-13

Franc Coutinho 2018-10-13
Good morning everyone. on that Saturday morning we played at benamor and the 4 ball were absolutely gentleman, so much so that I felt so good that I score 40 points with 2 blobs on the par 5. Like the course and I will play there again. Wish Mr Douglas happy return to the UK. we hope to see you in Portugal again soon. Best Regards Franc Coutinho

Richard Walsh 2018-10-12
Course slightly unkept around tees and bunkers.

Mark Punter 2018-10-07
First time at Benamor. The course was in good condition and the greens were running true. The organisation was excellent as always.

Heather Ward 2018-10-07
Another great day at Benamore with lovely company and great fun back in Chez Carlos Restraurant after the golf , many thanks, looking forward to our next game

Jackie Robinson 2018-10-06

alantomlinson 2018-09-20
Course in good condition, not to long but some challenging holes,service from all staff excellent.

Julian Pallister 2018-09-02
Course in excellent condition. Hardly anyone on course this morning and two of us went round in 3 hours.

John Flanagan 2018-08-21
The course is in good condition, it is not a long course but some holes are blind from the tee and it would help to have some marker in the distance for direction. Staff are extremely pleasant and helpful

Wayne Pontin 2018-08-12
Average - cost if 25 euros for junior was a bit high

Pierre-A Roessli 2018-07-11
Very fast and effective service for the booking, golf course in perfect conditions :-D

Michael Bumstead 2018-07-05

Carlos Ferreira 2018-06-27
Not a long golf course but requesting some management. Great condition and all áreas are very well manicured. Typical holiday golf course

John Dannatt 2018-06-22
Just played Benamor course I good condition. Greens better than last week.

John Dannatt 2018-06-15
Enjoyed Benamor course very much. Greens had been tyned and hollowed previous week so not as true as normal. The tee times given to us were different to the ones Benamor had. We were given 0840hrs and Benamor had 0904hrs. No major problem but I could have done with an extra 25 minutes “ beauty sleep “

Allan rennie 2018-06-02
Enjoyable but not the best.

Carlos Ferreira 2018-05-05
Great holiday golf course. Perfect for a relaxing day of golf. Tees, fairways, greens and roughs all in great condition.

Julian Pallister 2018-05-01
In very good condition. Not too crowded.

Stuart Johnston 2018-04-14
Course in very good condition. Tees, fairways and greens really good. Bunkers not great but this was due to the heavy rain in the area over the last week. All in all a most enjoyable day out.

SASSARD - MARIE 2018-04-09
Very well!

Doug Smith 2018-03-16
I always enjoy Benamor. Yesterday we dodgedthe showers and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon, even though the pace of play was very slow. A lot of people making the best of the weather. The course was in very good shape and the greens were the best we have played this year.

Gert Jacobs 2018-03-04
Course in good condition. Service at clubhouse friendly and quick. Course not very difficult and short. Could be one to start with in a holiday.

Barry Summerfield 2018-01-20
We thoroughly enjoyed the course albeit slightly shorter than preferred. The green were fast and quite difficult to read. Reception was very helpful.

Timo Salomaa 2018-01-19
Nice course was in good condition

Mr Peter Ellam 2018-01-12
Staff as always very helpful. Course well maintained and greens very good and true. Good VFM.

Trevor Clark 2017-12-11
Lovely well established and challenging golf course. Reception staff not so friendly as at other two courses we played

Doug Smith 2017-11-11
A clever little course in the most beautiful setting. Great club house and welcoming staff. Today the greens were lightening quick. Very tough. Well done to those who ended with good scores.

Yvonne Lee 2017-11-08
Wonderful Course. Unfortunatly we had to follow members in a Medal competition. it took us a long time

Michael Bryan 2017-10-16
Pleasant course in good condition. However, no ranger and near 5 hour round rather spoiled the experience.

Mr Stephen Macguffie 2017-10-15
Poor golf course and overcrowded

Malcolm Stuart Russell 2017-10-04
Good course which we all enjoyed. Excellent food and service.

Malachy Coleman 2017-10-01
nice holiday course.

Gary Lynes 2017-09-22
Very good course, well maintained.

Doug Smith 2017-09-13
Beautiful. One of the most picturesque courses on the Algarve. Not a long course but with enough intrigue to make it quite interesting. Today the course was in good condition and the greens were in great shape. Soft enough to take spin/stop and true. Great reception and club house. Favourite hole 10th - par 3.

Simon Bussell 2017-05-14
Our favourite course of the trip. It was in superb condition and the whole group enjoyed playing there.

Doug Smith 2017-05-13
If you want a course with charm, then Benamor has charm in spades. Not a long course but still needs to be played with respect. I think the 10th hole is one of the best par 3's you will find anywhere. The course today was in great condition, with good fairways and firm greens.

Fritz Reich 2017-04-11
good golf course, poor driving range especially for short game

Paul Christiansen 2017-04-01
In my opinion, the green fee for Benamor has gotten way too high, for this kind of course. I rate it asvery mich a B course based on challenge, condition and over all experience. It is not worth thr green fee.

Jackie Robinson 2017-03-12
Course in excellent form

David Patterson 2016-11-15
Benamor was in very good condition, the drizzle was annoying but hardly your fault

COLIN FISH 2016-10-31
lovely friendly course and staff, course in good condition would play again.

Julian Pallister 2016-10-31
pleasant club course in good condition

Robert Lentell 2016-10-29
Course in good condition

Ian Humphries 2016-10-09
Benamor is a lovely undulating course, free of housing developments around it and a fair test of golfing abilities. The greens are in fine condition and fairways good. It was a bit wet in places, but did not affect the overall experience. Ian H

Gary Lynes 2016-10-07
Great little course

Carolyn Richmond 2016-09-20
Course in great condition in September which was impressive given the long, hot dry summer.

Michael Sutton 2016-09-20
Lovely picturesque course and nice clubhouse

Frank Blair 2016-08-26

Michael Bumstead 2016-07-22
Very good

Keith Walker 2016-06-06
Great course with great views. Very forgiving and relatively short so good for us mid to high handicaps.

john michael o'neill 2016-05-19
very good

elizabeth stewart 2016-05-06
Lovely course in fantastic condition

Julian Pallister 2016-05-06
Good time to play as not held up or had groups being us

Jackie Robinson 2016-03-04
Corse in bad condition and they have agreed to pay buggy fees next time

Robert Lentell 2016-02-14
Up to the normal standard we have come expect.

Alan Potts 2016-02-08
Great. Lovely club

Ollie Lambe 2015-10-29
We didn't travel to Benamor, because of the rain. We had played her before, and liked the course.

Hanspeter Spaelti 2015-10-23
everything ok

Chez Carlos Golf Society 2011-11-07
The owners of Quinta de Benamor, the Martins Dias family, approached the late Sir Henry Cotton to make a concept design for an 18-hole course back in 1986. The final result is a delightful par 71 golf course of 5.500 metres (6.100 yards), with mountain views to the north and sea views to the south. Indigenous olive, cork, carob, fig and almond trees, many centuries old, feature prominently as does some strategically placed water features. Benamor has a worthy reputation for being a well kept and manicured course – it did not disappoint. The greens were lush and deceptive – quick down and much slower up. If traveling from afar combine your visit with some lunch or dinner at one of the many fine fish restaurants on the seafront at Cabanas (just opposite the entrance to the club).

Chez Carlos Golf Society 2011-05-12
The game this week took the Society to the Eastern Algarve again, an area of natural beauty and a popular destination in search of those seeking a taste of ‘real’ Portugal. We last played here in November '11. The owners of Quinta de Benamor, the Martins Dias family, approached the late Sir Henry Cotton to make a concept design for an 18-hole course back in 1986. The final result is a delightful par 71 golf course of 5.500 metres (6.100 yards), with mountain views to the north and sea views to the south. Indigenous olive, cork, carob, fig and almond trees, many centuries old, feature prominently as does some strategically placed water features. It is a delightful course to play. Summer has seemed to arrive quickly this week and a band of x20 players assembled in hot conditions for the weekly Individual Stableford competition. Once again the men played off the white tees today principally as it is a better course than the ‘yellow’ yet only 300 meters longer. The course was in great condition with lush fairways. Several of our players had never played here before and they were all impressed. The East Algarve has some great golf so do give it a try.


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