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Palmares Golf Course - latest comments and reviews

Colm Mac Eoin 2024-06-30
The course is very burnt out, it clearly has an irrigation problem. Greens are also very patchy. The layout is good, but it’s not presented to any sort of standard. Temporary green on 18, and no flag on another green. Would not recommend.

Quality and testing course. Not in the best of condition and greens struggling to recover after re turfing in large areas. Not value for money this year, sadly.

Gareth Toms 2024-06-16
Our second round of the day was also troubled by some very poor greens, including a temporary green. We were also behind a junior tournament which meant play was very slow, with one of the par 5’s taking 45 minutes. A real shame as this is usually the highlight of our golf

Gareth Toms 2024-06-15
Fairways dry and a number of greens very patchy

Nick Fry 2024-06-14
Greens were in poor condition with often 2 deferent types of grass. The 18th had a very poor quality temporary green on the fairway - won’t be going back for a while

Eamonn Ryan 2024-06-10
Course has not recovered from the damage caused by the early season drought. Hopefully steps will be taken to address the problems.

Michael Webber 2024-06-04
Overall a very interesting course. Condition was not the best, but was still playing well. Bunkers are not good.

Peter Clement 2024-05-26
After leaving a review yesterday lamenting the condition of the greens we spoke today after our round to a member of staff. They explained the problems with the greens were due to the severe water shortage in the Algarve over the last couple of years. The location and design of the course is fantastic so here's hoping they receive the rainfall they are desperate for this autumn and winter.

Peter Clement 2024-05-24
The location and course design are as always excellent. However the greens are very poor either from disease or from lack of proper maintenance. It was very disappointing, we have played Palmares many times over the years and the course is in poorer condition than we have ever seen it.

Tom Lomasney 2024-05-14
Course had problems with patchy greens and people trying to access our 1st tee of time as coming off any nine

Mike Beetlestone 2024-05-10
Unfortunately the green were in very poor condition and the 18 holes we played lacked any character. All the staff however were excellent

Richard Ormonde 2024-04-26
We played new 9 some of it very sandy overall pretty good

Sabine Fettu Deschaud 2024-04-05
We liked it but it was raining too much and we stopped playing after 9 holes

Helen Pettitt 2024-03-11
Got booked in the middle of a members roll up which seemed a bit strange. memebers were very friendly though. Played here many years ago and was a pleasure to play the new layout. no bag drop off - its a long walk to the clubhouse which is unusual - long way to driving range - fine if have a buggy, otherwise give yourself enough time, driving range good Course was in great condition and would come back

David Sayburn 2024-03-10
We had a 1pm booking at Palmares on Sunday March 3rd which the club acknowledged through your Teetimes site, but when we arrived they had no record of our booking. Although they were able to accommodate us in the end this was clearly an unsatisfactory situation.

Petteri Salminen 2024-03-05
A challenging course and buggy is a good option. Some longer distances in between the holes and a bit hilly too. Course in a good condition, though few greens were a bit off.

Wim Blaauboer 2024-03-01
In general the course was good just a few greens where under repair and some were pricked.

Bastiaan Alring Hesselink 2024-02-25
In basis one of the better courses in the Algarve. However when I played on February 24 the condition of the course was very bad. Greens horrendous. Probably to do with pro event week before. However they should be ashamed to quote the full price for greenfee and buggy on a course in this condition. So be careful when you book next time.

Grant Gledhill 2024-02-10
Pace was so slow and we stopped after 10 holes due to being held up and not allowed to be played through by the slow group

Inge Verhoeven 2024-01-13
Today it was not so great. There was competition at the golf course and all 4 ball players in front of us. Every hole waiting and waiting and it was very cold so it was hard to stay in the golf flow. For us greenfee players it wa not that great of a round of 18 holes as we expected. But the clubhouse and the food is always great althought they didn’t serve dinner we enjoyed it.

Peter Rommel 2023-12-16
Normally, I love this course but this time half of the greens are in terrible condition

Thi Vanada Kim 2023-12-08
Good course but poor green conditions. Hard to putt. But the restaurant service, the caddy master were very nice.

David 2023-11-29
the greens were all in pretty poor condition and I do feel teatimes should have advised that they are all diseased and would have played another course instead in the 2 deal package..Palmares gave us a free buggy and complimentary drink to compensate but the course really should not have been open

Elizabeth Tolster 2023-11-27
Having played Palmares many times before, we were quite disappointed this time. We booked Lagos but had to play Alvor and Praia as Lagos was closed. In general, the fairways were ok but the tees and greens were poor.

Guy Aubery 2023-11-23
Nous avons été très déçu du terrain. Les greens étaient en très mauvaises conditions. Bien qu’on nous ait offert le cart et 2 consommations, le tarif est beaucoup trop élevé et nous ne recommandons pas à ce terrain. -**- We were very disappointed with the course. The greens were in very poor condition. Although we were offered a cart and 2 drinks, the price was far too high and we would not recommend this course.

Mark Boon 2023-11-10
The course is a great layout, although finding your way on the holes past the train track is difficult as its is very linksy. We were offered complimentary buggies and a drink as they informed us the course had struggled with the drought, but in all honesty there were a few patches on some greens it was in good condition, but the warning was gratefully received. the only downside was the speed of play. it took 5 hours and we finished as the light disappeared. in part this was due to the number of groups in front and that clearly some people playing who could not cope with the golf course, and they did not even tee off on some holes as the could not clear the hazards to get to the fairway, even from red tees. This did distract from our enjoyment.

Brendan McKeefry 2023-11-08
Was very wet so only played 9 holes...

Steven Johnston 2023-11-05
Course in very poor condition, but we were well looked after and they let us through after the front 9. Slow pace of play. Will not be going back until the course recovers.

Heather Hardy 2023-10-30
We had a difficult experience at Palmares where one of our party had an accident and the staff were less than helpful. However we have been very impressed by the management response to compensate. The courses were not in great condition when we were there but we are returning next year by which time I expect they will be lush again.

Achim Reith 2023-10-27
Fairways in good condition. Greens not so good. A lot of bare patches. Due to the conditions, buggies were complementary, at least.

Achim Reith 2023-10-27
Fairways in good condition. Greens not so good. A lot of bare patches. Due to the conditions, buggies were complementary, at least.
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Elibert Tigges 2023-10-26
The course has been detoriatiing for the past 5 years. But this year they passed below the level of acceptability and I strongly recommend the close the course for 1 season. The fairways look like average grasping fields for cattle. The greens are full of patches and stained. The bunkers are unplayable. A bloody shame!

Lauermann Andreas 2023-10-26
Not only greens also the total course is in very bad condition

sean o driscoll 2023-10-24
Wonderful views, all staff very welcoming and friendly. Sadly the course condition is very poor with greens and tee boxes very badly burnt with lots of bare patches.

Peter Frampton 2023-10-17
The course was just about playable. Greens were diseased and really not good at all. The tee boxes were damaged. The did give courtesy buggies. Would go again but would want to know the state of the course before re-booking next year. We would not go there if it was in the same condition. A large amount of work is required. Hopefully they do it.

Marco Serfilippi 2023-10-16
Bad experience never we play in a golf in this condition

Adrian Brooks 2023-10-16
Very disappointing course condition with poor greens, tee boxes and fairways. Thought it might be the hot weather but courses playing next two days all lush as expected. Very very busy with hold up for every shot near enough the whole way round. Not a good experience. Have always liked playing here but will give it a miss until they sort this out. Shame for all those buying properties around in that not getting a course to match.

Trevor Shaw 2023-10-13
The course was not in the same condition as it was this time last year. While the free buggy was appreciated the main thing is the condition of the course, so we were somewhat disappointed. Palmares is not a cheap golf course to play and therefore needs to be in top class condition,

Liam Kearney 2023-10-13
We enjoyed Pinta. We have played it many times before and it is still a nice course. We found the grass on the greens a little hard/stiff making accurate putting difficult.(This may be due to the severe heat and drought this Summer)

Alessandro Giovanelli 2023-10-12
Never again!!! Where were the grass?? On the fairways I can understand that is difficult to keep grass in good conditions, but on the greens? Was not possible to play golf

Conor Kavanagh 2023-10-11
Course in very poor condition especially greens

Wulf Viola 2023-10-11
Many greens and t-boxes are in pitiful shape; we hope that´ll become better soon again...the rest was immaculate

Kevin Daniels 2023-10-10
Course very tired & greens shocking condition However still enjoyed it as always

Martin Oldfield 2023-10-09
Over 40 years playing golf in Portugal , the greens at palmares are the worst I’ve ever experienced. On top of that the round took 5 hours 20 minutes

John Carroll 2023-10-05
Disappointed about condition of greens and tees, otherwise great setting and course.

John Carroll 2023-10-05
Disappointed in the condition of greens and tees, although course itself remains stunning.

peter brewster 2023-10-05
Wish we never bothered even when we got to course members said it wasn’t great in all my time playing golf don’t think I have seen greens that bad I wish you had cancelled.I appreciate the free buggy but if you can’t put on greens why bother think it would be a good course to play again when greens improve

Peter Crafter 2023-10-05
Yet again our booking was not registered. Had to move tee times again. Speed of play was ok as not many on course, most likely due to the poor condition. Will not play again.

david morten 2023-10-02
Staff were helpful The condition of the course was not to the standards you would expect and this has been acknowledged. Due to this, pin positions always seemed to be at the front of the green which made it slightly repetitive. I’m sure once the issues on the course are resolved it will be a good venue

Peter Crafter 2023-10-02
The reception did not have our booking on record, despite us having the voucher. That meant being rescheduled off different tees. Greens were in poor condition and some of the lies in the fairways were not good. Would not play again.

Randall Eckert 2023-09-23
Unbelievably bad condition

Andrea Grote 2023-09-22
We played the courses Alvor and Lagos today. Both courses are not in a good condition. The greens are bad. We had two flights in front, who were very, very slowly and the marshal did nothing to fasten the game flow. The design of the courses is nice.

MICHEL GROSSE 2023-09-21
Très mauvais Green. -**- Very bad Green.

Reinoud van Haare Heijmeijer 2023-09-15
Great service at reception desk and in the course. 50% discount on buggy’s because of draught damage. Course is nice to play but in severe damaged state.

Andrew Slavin 2023-09-15
Probably our favourite course in Western Algarve, great lay out with lovely views. Sadly this year, let down by sub standard greens which they are blaming in lack of water, but greens are missing sections of green which is a major disappointment. Need to be lowering their base cost when in that state and not just reducing costs of buggies

David Mulligan 2023-09-13
Though the staff were very pleasant I'm afraid the course was in very poor condition - especially the greens and tees. We would not have booked this course if we knew it's condition.

Laura Blamire 2023-09-10
Golf course was in very poor condition, weeds in greens with ball patches. Tee boxes no upkeep. Other courses in the area were far better than this.

Jonny Bryce 2023-09-07
Course was in dreadful condition and frankly shouldn’t have been open when we played. Very disappointed as this was our top rated course. Would love to visit when they resolve the issues. More effort has gone into the development and not golf course.

Thilo Kommer 2023-08-09
Played today the Alvor + Lagos Course, which are really well designed Courses, despite the Fairways were quite dry and the Greens also not in the best conditions.

Stephane Castella 2023-07-19
Greens are currently not appealing at all (mostly on Alvor and Lagos) but actually not so bad. Course is really dry. Lagos is my favorite loop. Praia could be a great one too but the design is unfortunately pretty blend imho. While the clubhouse is beautiful, it's a bit of a mess to get access by cab/Uber. The place has cleary some great potential but need some improvement.

Chris Bax 2023-07-06
Nice layout - played the Alvor and Lagos 9s - Praia nines looked good to - very links. Greens rolled ok (wish people would repair their pitch marks ????), tee boxes very neat and tidy, fairways and around a bit brown but it’s been warm and dry here so no shock there. Buggy at €50 is crazy steep - yes it’s comfortable but no GPS or drinks box.

Neville Hudson 2023-06-21
Was nice to play this course for the first, overall was good and all the greens were excellent. Although the links 9 wasn't at it's best

Nick Fry 2023-06-18
Great course in acceptable condition. Some of the greens need some attention & TLC

Olaf Wilsdorf 2023-05-20
Nice Clubhouse, better conditions on Alvor, than Praia

Robert Chiki 2023-04-18
Teeing area and greens were great, fairways were average and the traps could have been groomed a little better.

Jean-Louis Thiébaut 2023-04-14
Nice golf course but we lost lot of balls

Jim Lewis 2023-04-05
Beautiful views of the ocean from many holes. The holes closer to the clubhouse were in better condition than the ones closer to the ocean. The fairways were pretty sparse in some areas. Greens were in good shape and very quick and a bit difficult with a some slope on quite a few of them.

Gert Mentens 2023-04-04
Booking was fine. Course was great, but due to a new pace-of-play system our last flight were incorrectly addressed by the marshal and asked to speed up 20 minutes, but we had to wait for the flight in front of us. Not a great experience.

Chris Gale 2023-04-03
One of our favourites in the Algarve. The modernisation of the clubhouse, along with extensive construction takes away from the traditional feel, which is a shame

Gavin Simmons 2023-03-27
Good course with choice of 3 nines, great views but fairways in poor condition

Mr Herbert Keil 2023-03-25
Greens are realy different

Christian Waida 2023-01-08
Very slow pace of play (4:38h) - by English standards. Course is in great condition.

Paul Thomson 2022-12-04
staff in the restaurant were not very understanding.

Santy Boungnavong 2022-11-23
Parcours Alvor pas terrible....Praia plus joli. Beaucoup de monde. A éviter. -**- Alvor course not so good....Praia nicer. Lots of people. To be avoided.

Piotr D?browiecki 2022-11-15
The course condition was bed for a top location in Portugal. The layout was not great either. The holes were very close to each other. I wouldn't rank it in the top 10 or even top 20 of Portugal.

Nina Schueller 2022-11-14
Course condition was very disappointing in comparison to February 2022. Also 8 minute starting intervals is far too much. Play was extremely slow (over 5 hours). The greens were very soft and the cups hadn't been changed for a while - many footprints and unclean cup edges.

amanda gilbert 2022-11-09
Course in poor condition. Over crowded. Tee time 10 minutes late. 5 hour round

Joerg Kesting 2022-11-05
The Driving Range was closed, the Fairways are in a semi-good conditions.

Mr Andrew Batstone 2022-11-04
The course was in good condition and we enjoying playing it. I would have preferred to play holes 1-18 rather than 19-27 then 1-9

Pål Christiansen 2022-10-30
Palmares is samoewhat of a disappointment. The fairways are in pretty poor condition grasswise. Lots of work need to be done around the greens, looks infinished and cheap. Greens ate good. Very hilly, need an electric trolley if walking. At EUR 116, it is not good value for money, unfortunately.

Geoff Mclean 2022-10-29
Beautiful seaside links

John Stanley 2022-10-28
Nice golf course not being able to book buggies in advance not helpful and buggies to expensive at €60.00 .

Frank Berkmann 2022-10-27

Adrian Henderson 2022-10-25
Excellent course, good greens but slow play.

John Barron 2022-10-24
Fairways very patchy, greens good.

Elsbeth Morton 2022-10-23
The courses was in poor condition due to the drought. We should have been on preferred lies. Some of the greens were over watered .The tee times weren't spread out enough which meant the rounds were very slow. I wasn't advised until I got there that my husband, who was injured so unable to play , couldn't accompany me on the buggy because of "company policy" They provided a voucher for a "complimentary" drink, but really needed to provide more substantial compensation for the poor condition of the courses.

Tim Harding 2022-10-22
To many people. 5 hour rounds are common

John Shpughnessy 2022-10-22
Super golf course

Harry Bodmer 2022-10-21
We booked Early Bird. second Flight ( 4 Ball ) fisrt 9 Holes 1.55 hours. Second 9 horrible 2.50 hrs.

Ewen MacInnes 2022-10-20
Slow play on one round of our four. Five and a half hours!!

Neil Jones 2022-10-16
I liked the course very much and the clubhouse is lovely with stunning views. But the condition of the course did not meet my expectations.. On checking in they explained that due to water shortages the fairways were dry and not up to usual standards and gave us a free drink voucher to compensate. But paying €251 for two people (inc buggy) is too much for a course in this condition.

Liam Kearney 2022-10-15
Very enjoyable and facilities well improved since last visit

Philipp Wetzel 2022-10-10

Conor Kavanagh 2022-10-07
Fairways poor due to water issues..understandable

John Ryan 2022-10-07
Very poor condition

Stephanie 2022-10-04
Nice, varied course layout. Friendly staff. Good experience.

Christopher John Brighton 2022-10-01
The course was not in the best condition but the greens were ok. A tough course not for high handicap golfers which unfortunately filled the course on the day we played. We had to walk off after 5 hours as we had a dinner reservation so missed the last 3 holes, yes 5 hours to play 15 holes..... No marshals to be seen anywhere to keep pace of play so on that basis I would not recommend this course or ever play here again. On a positive the clubhouse food and drink were excellent.

Colin Dennis 2022-09-25
We played the Alvor and Lagos 9’s and both had clearly suffered during this year’s weather. The fairways and rough were is poor condition and even the greens were only average. However the staff were very efficient and welcoming. There is a lot of building work going on which does lead to high levels of activity and noise in many areas of the course.

Bruce Whipham 2022-09-24
Palmares G.C. Was a wonderful experience!! 27 Fantastic Holes, you have to think your way round. The Greens where in excellent condition. I would recommend anybody playing to have a Buggy!!!! Would definitely play there again!! Thank you.

Olav Burmester 2022-09-21
Sehr schöne Anlage, wir haben die PRAIA und die ALVOR gespielt alles Super. Die Gastronomie ist nicht die schnellste. Very nice complex, we played the PRAIA and the ALVOR - all great. The restaurant has slow service

Adrian Woodward 2022-09-19
Full recovered from the poor state it was in the last time I played. The improvements to the off course facilities are excellent. The course itself (10-27) was in wonderful condition despite the lack of rain.

Helien Rebergen 2022-09-17
Beautiful course some nice panoramic seaviews

Gordon Sim 2022-09-17
Course in poor condition. Understandable for fairways, no excuse for the greens. Having played many times before this was very disappointing experience. Staff friendly and helpful.

Borneff-O’Brien 2022-09-17
Fairways in bad condition.

limor sidi 2022-09-16
The ciurse is very dry. No grass on fairways. They can ofer a token for the price they charge, ir even a bottle of water in the buggy we took for 45 €. No water on the course to drink.

Eamonn Ryan 2022-09-14
Unfortunately, the golf was cancelled due to severe weather conditions in the area. The reception staff were most helpful in helping to reschedule our game in the following days!

Craig Mcintosh 2022-09-06
The fairways were in very very bad condition. They were brown and very bare. The greens were also bumpy and the tee boxes were a bit scruffy.

Brendan Forde 2022-09-05
Catering not so good chicken baguettes turned out to be hard boiled egg baguettes with a packet of crisps which were all out of date . Dan the starter was excellent.

Shaun Bannon 2022-09-02
Disgusting, the course should be closed. Worst greens and fairways I’ve played on in a very long time

Betty Sworowski 2022-08-31
Very disappointing

Peter Johnston 2022-08-22
Great location and view from the course. Fairways scotched and totally grey. Not the best. Greens very fast. No GPS in buggies. Not the best value for money.

Brian McQueen 2022-08-22
When we arrived we were told we would be playing holes 10-27 as they were rotating the courses Alvor, Lagos & Praia to help with course recovery. When playing Praia I noticed people playing holes 1-9 and that my wife and myself were the only people out on Praia. When I finished golf I questioned the receptionist why we were the only people on Praia but she couldn’t give me an answer. I asked which holes we had been booked to play, advised 1-18 Alvor & Lagos. Once again the receptionist couldn’t explain why we were sent to Praia. I asked for a refund as there is a big difference between the quality of the Alvor holes and Praia holes, advised they were the same price. Tees and greens were in good condition but there were major issues with the fairways. I sorry to give such a low rating as the food in the restaurant was excellent but the service from the course reception and having to play Praia was below the standard I expect. Not sure I’ll ever go back to Palmares after this experience.

Daniel Djurberg 2022-08-12

Stuart Anscombe 2022-08-11
Good course but very dry and tough greebs

Martin Chamberlain 2022-08-01
Enjoyable course

Jan Texler 2022-07-21
I would appriciate bottle of water for the play.

Peter Stott 2022-07-21
Always an excellent course condition and now it has a new superb clubhouse.

Alan Davidson 2022-07-21
Great golf course and very easy experience with friendly staff

Eberhard Kerp 2022-07-17
Friendly service, golf course maintained in good condition with respect to the season, restaurant with attractive offer’s

Andy Bryant 2022-07-11
Fairways the brownest I've ever seen here, but course played fine, great pace of play

Charles Keenan 2022-07-05
Excellent course - they had water issues so a littel ''bare'' in places but hopefully will be resolved soon

Stuart Montgomery 2022-07-02
Certainly the premier course within the west of Algarve. Stunning views, fast and true greens and with many elevations a real test of golf. Not surprised to see this resort growing with attractive villas and apartments.

Jocelyn Brouwer 2022-07-01
Due to lack of water the course looks awfull and plays awfull as well

Tim Harding 2022-07-01

Gareth Toms 2022-06-25
Very windy but probably the best course on the Algarve

Gareth Toms 2022-06-25
Magnificent course

Mark Rose 2022-06-25
Really interesting course which is well presented & represents a real test. Only complaint is that the bar was closed to golfers at the time we had finished our round at approx. 2030 as the bar also serves the Michelin starred restaurant! Apart from that 5* Service & facilities!

Chris DREW 2022-06-22
Course and Greens fine, reception good. Very disappointed to be charged for Parking, the signs directed us to the Underground Car Park, where there is a sign “Parking Livre” which we understood to be “Free”, there is a small sign in both Portuguese an English ( which we did not see) advising a charge. there are extensive building works going on and it was a bit chaotic! I expressed our dissatisfaction at being charged 3.80 euros having paid Green fees etc, the duty manager stood her ground and in order to exit the Car Park I reluctantly paid. I suggest you advise any visitors you have going to Palmares, NOT to park in the underground Car Parks. We will NOT return there in view of the intransigent attitude of the Management. The incident was totally unnecessary.

Joe Egan 2022-06-19
A very enjoyable day at Palmares

Nick Fry 2022-06-15
Bit slow play & some fairways were parched

Christophe Dupuy 2022-06-12
fairways grillés début juin, manque d arrosage, dommage

Mike Tattersall 2022-06-08
Course was excellent but unfortunately the winds were too high on the day we played making the course unplayable

Brian Soutar 2022-06-08
Great choice of playing the course. Fantastic views, going round. Lovely clubhouse setting. Our round was a bit slow for play, (4 1/2 hrs)?. People playing together with carts/ buggies, don’t help with the speed of the game. Maybe need to look at that.

Keith Golesworthy 2022-06-06
Fantastic day out, we arrived for our tee but wanted to play different loops, lovely staff swapped us over no hassle. Course as good as it always is.

George Grant 2022-05-28
Excellent, warm and friendly

Sean Mckeague 2022-05-16
Brilliant course, great layout. Loved it! The only problem is the speed of play, we played it twice and they were both 5 hour rounds

Noel Price 2022-05-13
One of the golf courses I have played super day great company

David Clark 2022-05-12
Course is always good with the contrasting 9 hole loops. But nearly 6 hours to play 18 holes is totally unacceptable. 2 marshals for 27 holes who did nothing to speed up play but just got people started. Later found out that the main problem was one group at the start of a large society. That should be controlled. Will not be on the itinerary for next time.

Brian Armstrong 2022-05-11
Played holes 1-18, and the course is visually stunning. Great golf holes, and really fast greens.

Arthur Coldwell 2022-05-10
Course and course staff were excellent. The locker room was poor with hand washing facilities in comprehendible.

Harry Bodmer 2022-05-05
Perfect Golf Course and condition

Rod Yates 2022-05-04
Hi Jorge, Booked for friends but they had a great day.

Mark Punter 2022-05-03
Beautiful golf course with great views

Joe Egan 2022-05-01
Another great day at Palmares, a quality venue

Helen Conway 2022-05-01
Lovely course

Malcolm Maxwell 2022-04-29
Very comfortable buggies on an always great course.

Veslemøy Heramb 2022-04-25
One of the best courses in algarve

HWH Verhagen 2022-04-23
Exiting course a bit a business course staff is polite but very slow.

Antonius Klumper 2022-04-17
Good course and nice accommadation

Philippe Belin 2022-04-16
Joli golf mais loin et il faisait roid et bcp de vent. Nous avons perdu des balles car impossible de les retrouver dans le rough

Dirk Groen 2022-04-11
Nice golf course but they push too many players onto the course. The result is pushing marshals, long waiting times on the tee and a 5 hours round…

Tracy Scott 2022-04-11
The golf course is nice. Played the Alvor and the Praia courses. Preferred the Alvor course over the Praia course.

Gary Menzel 2022-04-10
Unglaublich schöne Aussichten. Allerdings nehmen die völlig überdimensionierten Ausbaupläne der Investoren viel vom naturnahen Charakter weg. Ein traumhaft schöner Platz, der leider im Umfeld zu sehr zugebaut wird. Also schnell noch spielen und geniessen. In 3-5 Jahren ist es nur noch protzig. In der Rezeption sehr freundlich, aber ein völlig überforderter Clubhaus Service. Nach 20 Minuten warten auf eine Servicekraft für eine Bestellung sind wir lieber gegangen und haben den Milchkaffee in einer ärmlichen Dorfecke in Odiaxere genossen. English version = Incredibly beautiful views. However, the completely oversized expansion plans of the investors take away a lot from the natural character. A fantastically beautiful place, which is unfortunately overbuilt in the area. So play quickly and enjoy. In 3-5 years it will only be pretentious. Very friendly at the reception, but a completely overwhelmed clubhouse service. After waiting 20 minutes for a server to take an order, we left and enjoyed the latte in a poor corner of the village in Odiaxere.

Arthur Menkes 2022-04-05
wonderful golf course!

Joe Egan 2022-04-05
Long round, disappointed the bar in the clubhouse was not ope for even a coffee or a water, despite there being 3 waiting staff in the restaurant beside the bar and just 2 customers. Seems like they could have done better.

Mr Nigel Blake 2022-03-31
Best course we played.

Thomas Vodermayer 2022-03-05
Great course, great staff. Unfortunately you can not reserve carts in advance. Thats always not a good feeling if you have to use one (my fahther). But we got an every time. Good conditions but a lot of work at the buildings.

Klaus Fuchs 2022-03-04
Palmares glänzte mit spektakulären Aussichten, aber auch mit schwierigen Fahnenpositionen, die uns an die Grenze unserer Putt-Leistungsfähigkiet brachten. Ein Buggy ist empfehlenswert.

Joe Egan 2022-02-12
Excellent venue, quality staff and course. Thoroughly enjoy the round and look forward to coming back!

Ian Gorham 2021-11-17
Slow round. No marshals apparent. No buggy bar. Nice golf course with polite staff, food good quality and came quickly. However the lack of marshals to keep play moving and buggy bar are important misses.

Hervé Maillard 2021-11-16

Paul Gilbert 2021-10-30
The new clubhouse is awesome and the course was in fantastic condition. Pace of play was good as well. The only bad news (and this has happened to us many times before) is that Palmares had omitted some friends, who are members, from sharing one of our tee times so we had to tee off an hour later to accommodate them. Absolutely infuriating as our friends had a confirmatory email to prove that their reservation had been made!

Thomas Ewald 2021-10-22
Sorry, but again over 5 hours to go - it‘s too much. We wouldn‘t book this course for the next years….. They have normaly limited the HCP by 27 - ha,ha, Nobody is interested in this and they people you see playing.... no comment The course and the greens are in Great conditions. But what use is this if you have to wait, wait and wait before each stroke. Conditions got an 8 but…..

David Thomas 2021-10-10
Great golf course.

Gregory Parker 2021-10-08
My tee time was 2-15 I was supposed to be with two other people but ended up on my own I ended up behind a number of four balls After two hours thirty minutes and eight holes I drove off the course in frustration

Wolfgang Fox 2021-09-30
I knew the old course with 18 holes. Now we played 9 holes in the dunes. That was not so nice.

Patrick Mannion 2021-09-28
We book a tee time for 16:30, but we’re given around 15:30, I never checked the details, luckily the girls on reception fitted us, this was much appreciated.

Daniel Kirwan 2021-09-28
Excellent courses.. spectacular views ..

Ian Cogger 2021-09-25
Very poor reception staff. Poor signage around the course. No drink trolley

Bertin Pietsch 2021-09-11
Nice Golfclub. Condition at this moment not so good.

Eric Deprey 2021-08-03
Very nice and very friendly!!

Stuart Hill 2021-08-02
Eur 45 for buggy

Carlos Ferreira 2021-05-15
Great golf, fantastic views all round . Can't misse it on a golf holiday.

Nuno Raposo 2021-04-11
Great course with great service!

Steve Killer 2021-01-25
A nice course by the sea. Praia & Alvor provide different challenges. Lagos 9 was closed for maintenance.

Fabre 2021-01-25
Really bad...because some women members ( probably from Norh of Europe) who don't respect any rules of etiquette.They are ''at home'' ( but they don't speak Portugues) and don't respect other players. I will not come back to this course....because this kind of members.

Paul Bailey 2020-03-25

Andy Green 2020-03-09
Palmares was not an unknown like Boavista and therefore was eagerly anticipated, however, thanks to an overnight flight delay, we could not make our start time on the first full day of our holiday. Between Palmares golf and Tee times an arrangement was reached which enabled us to reschedule the round to the last day of our holiday and we are extremely grateful for this to both parties. I have already sent a message to Palmares thanking them for their efficiency, help and generosity and will definitely play their again when next in the area. It remains in my top ten all time favourite venues in the world and should receive much more publicity than it actually gets

Graham Lucas 2020-03-04
Very interesting variety of holes, in very good condition.

Andrew Strange 2020-03-02
Really efficient and very reasonable pricing :-)

Tom Conaty 2020-03-02
We love this course because of the views but some of the lower (Praia ) holes are a bit dated ( eg 21 ) and repetitive (24 & 25 ) . The ''strokesaver '' course guide is a waste of money (compared to the O'Conner guide for instance). The course martial needs a course of his own : in manners.

Ewen MacInnes 2020-02-25
Is there a handicap limit here? If not there should be.....

Ewen MacInnes 2020-02-25
Quiet, quick round in perfect conditions

Hugh Gowrie 2020-02-15
A most enjoyable days golf. Temporary clubhouse arrangements not great and refreshments overpriced.

Steve Bassi 2020-01-27
Always good, friendly helpful staff, buggies a bit on the tired side.

Roland Nilsson 2020-01-22
Club house, restaurant puttinggreen are temporary facilities

Agne 2019-12-22
Unfortunately the links like holes (19-27) were closed due to renovation and the holes 10-18 most likely just reopened. Greens were slow and not very true, tee boxes overseers and newly sanded. Design is well fitted into the landscape and the views are spectacular. Pace of play was very good for a vacation course... 3 1/2 hrs.

David Dunlop 2019-12-21
Great, loved playing this course. Clubhouse disappointing though I know they are working at a new one.

Michael Montgomery 2019-12-18
Easy to book and very helpful

Martin Georg Hilke 2019-12-14
We played the the Course 1-18 the second Time. Pretty good golfing, great landscape and friendly staff!

Max de Groot 2019-11-22
Outstanding course with superb panorama. Greens are not soft enough for high irons approach shots

Bill Robertson 2019-11-21
Beautiful and always in good nick

George Drummond 2019-11-18
Best course in the region, never tire of playing it.

Haak 2019-11-13
Too long waiting times on every tee due to 6 minutes between 4 ball flights

Max de Groot 2019-11-06
Great golf course. Enjoyed our round of golf as always. Poor club house facility since building a New one is currently under way

Catriona Thomas 2019-11-01
This is my favourite course in the Algarve. Beautifully landscaped and several good holes.

Philip Summers 2019-10-18
Really enjoyed the day. Will definitely be back. When the club house is finished it should be even better.

Lindsay Desmier 2019-10-16
Palmares is a fantastic course but be prepared for a very slow round. There are 27 holes and there is quite a distance between a lot of the tees. A lot of people walk this course adding 30 - 60 minutes to the round. Our round was 5 hours 20 mins (for the 2nd time here) and we waited on every shot. It is one of the best courses over on that side of the Algarve but unfortunately going to cross this one off the list.

Liam Kearney 2019-10-15
Palmares was in very good condition. Was enjoyed by all

james Mayhew 2019-10-14
good course - however too many tee offs booked in made it a very slow - 5+ hour round

james Mayhew 2019-10-14
great course, long and challenging... a bit expensive

Ewen MacInnes 2019-10-14

William Shallcross 2019-10-10
Having played Palmares last year on the same basis. Our experience this week was again most enjoyable,the staff extremely helpful. The two couples we played with good company ,and of course the the golf course in great condition. Will be back . Thanks

Jan Vermeesch 2019-10-10
A lot of variety thanks to the 3x 9 holes course with spectacular views across Lagos, Alvor and the beaches.

Ted Kennedy 2019-10-09
This course is one of the best and most challenging courses we played. The course was in very good condition. Greens were fast but fair. Staff were very friendly and helpful and they had plenty of buggies for everyone. Definitely return again

H. Spickermann 2019-10-05
Insgesamt alles gut, habe mit 3 Spielern aus den Niederlanden gespielt, keine Probleme. Allerdings war der Course gut gebucht und alles war eigentlich gut, leider hat der Buggy frühzeitig aufgegeben. Insgesamt war alles zu langsam (18 holes, 5 and a half hours half hours, that is no good). Leider hat unser buggy zu Beginn des letzten Lochsausserdem 'den Geist aufgegeben', so hat insgesamt alles zu lange gedauert. Best regards, H. Spickermann

Dorte Lægteskov 2019-10-04
After 13 holes we had played for 4 hours and then we stopped. Too many players om the Course

joe glackin 2019-10-01
A very nice course but like all Portugese courses let down by no marshalls, too busy and slow play. 5 1/2 hours in a buggy is crazy, and not enjoyable.

Paul Selway 2019-09-19
Stunning setting course in great condition

Thomas Diggle 2019-09-18
Very windy, super challenging, immense views. But most of all, soooo pure.

Mary Rayment 2019-09-17
Clubhouse staff and Chief Marshall very welcoming and helpful. Course generally in good condition, though there were tufts of grass on some fairways. Greens a bit slow but ball rolled well. Recommend the Alvor 9 as most interesting and with some great views.

Cliff Mottershead 2019-09-17
Good welcome at course but didn’t open until 07:15 so little time to warm up for 07:38 tee off following check in. Ground staff around course very courteous.

Andy Jones 2019-09-16
Facilities very much a work in progress but course excellent value for money. The original 9 holes in the mountains were my favourite with some superb views and a couple of stunning holes. The other 18 holes are links, providing a good contrast to original 9 although did not think these holes were of same quality overall.

Ulrike Rietzler 2019-09-15
Nice golf course with perfect views to the ocean

Ian Beattie 2019-09-12
Average meet & greet on arrival, course was great, we would have preferred to play 1-9 and 10 -18, but not available, would return in 2020 but would need to guarantee playing 1-18, good service in bar after golf, beer a bit expensive, good introduction by starter at Palmares

Larry Byrne 2019-09-11
Very good course in excellent condition

Bob-Jan Dietrich 2019-09-11
Very friendly employees (reception, buggy service and marshall)! We had a great time!

Bob-Jan Dietrich 2019-09-02
Good quality course!

Kuhrmeyer Jens-Uwe 2019-09-01
Very nice Golf Course with fast Greens

Brendan Mason 2019-08-19
Poor standard of course considering the premium price paid. Greens are nowhere near the standard of Salgados

ROBERT Dominique 2019-07-31
Très mauvais accueil ! Départ du 19 au 27 puis 1 au 9 ??? Pas un mot à notre départ non plus, un minimum aurait été apprécié.

Keith Walker 2019-07-31
Best course on the Algarve

Keith Walker 2019-07-31
Great course in excellent condition.

Lawrence Hughes 2019-07-30
It was great

Stephen Newman 2019-07-27
From start to finish my experience was excellent. Particularly impressed with the starter who made sure we all listened to his words of wisdom. Well done. The house was great and pace of play acceptable. A realt great experience after a 25 year gap. The new layout is challenging and the fairways & greens top notch.

Howard Dawson 2019-07-05
A well maintained testing and interesting layout with fast true greens and superb views over the Mediterranean. We walked the course and found the signage to the next tee a little difficult to follow at times.

David Gee 2019-07-03

Christine Wehrle 2019-06-29
Very beautiful course, friendly people

Dale Thorpe 2019-06-29
Excellent course with some spectacular views. We played holes 1 to 18 - Alvor and Lagos courses. The Praia course is all links and quite flat whereas the two 9 hole courses we played were more undulating. We completed our 4ball round in just under 4 hrs 30 mins on a very hot day with no hold ups or pressure from behind. Friendly course Marshalls and staff. Buggy drinks and snack service. Clubhouse and pro shop are small but functional. The most expensive of the 3 courses we played - Santo Antonio and Boavista also played- but well worth a visit.

Robin Fledderus 2019-06-24
Well maintained golfcourse with lovely views

Brian Miller 2019-06-21
Enjoyable course with great views. Temporary clubhouse is very limited and the extent of construction work is now disturbing the course in places. I may not choose to play at Palmares again until the redevelopment work is complete.

Nick Fry 2019-06-18
Course in great condition. Greens good. Much better than Morgado yesterday

John Fogarty 2019-06-05
Very easy to book game and we really enjoyed it

Maurice O'Keeffe 2019-05-22
Great course and everything went smoothly

Bill Robertson 2019-05-21
Always a pleasure to play.Friendliest staff....especially the the Algarve

Craig Frame? 2019-05-21
Very good golf course, excellent condition, fee included buggies - would have been a tough walk

Peter Godfrey 2019-05-20
Lovely course , shame about the building work , bit hilly, some lovely holes near sea

Peter Clement 2019-05-11
As always Palmares provides a very enjoyable holiday experience. A little slow but with the views and weather no real problem.

Stuart Deane 2019-05-09
The course was great but the pace of play was appallingly slow, taking g over 4 3/4 hours for a two ball with a buggy. Spoiled what would otherwise have been a great day. The club needs to be far stronger on managing slow play and insist on all player having a buggy ( or none).

Michael Reed 2019-05-05
Fantastic course

Julian Pallister 2019-05-01

Olaf Wilsdorf 2019-04-28
We played Alvor and Praia. Nice and tricky. Fast greens. Nearly every bunker is ground under repair. To much construction ???? around and on the course including the clubhouse. In a few years hopefully it will get nicer

Segers eric 2019-04-24
All ay? nice vieuws, süper greens

Michael Mullins 2019-04-23
Good course. Wil play it again. Great views.

markus hoffmann 2019-04-23
a lovely course, in spite of provisional clubhouse and bad weather very polite and helpful staff.

Vermeire Patrick 2019-04-21
Nice course, a bit too crowdy with slow players

Odette 2019-04-21
Condition of course okay - unfortunately we couldn’t play Alvor. However the never ending construction works are not the best “reception “... let’s hope there will be a new clubhouse/pro shop/ restaurant soon.

Brian Filler 2019-04-20
The golf course was in very good condition with some long tough par 3s Some very picturesque holes and well worth the visit.

Kelvin Fitton 2019-04-19
This course could easily be among the very best in the Algarve if it was well manicured - great set up and scenery.

Graham Poole 2019-04-19
Great course. Great views.

Charles Coe 2019-04-07

Rudemann 2019-04-05
Freundliches Personal, schöner Platz, E-Cart mit Macken

Dave Matkin 2019-04-05
It was a 4/1/2 round...the marshalls should have asked twice the group in front to let us through but they chose not to. We were waiting on about 14 holes on the tee for some very novice players

Liebing-Gudrun Loehr 2019-04-02
hard to walk

Nick Fry 2019-03-25
Great course just a bit over booked so round was a bit slow.

dirk groeneweg 2019-03-25
also a new type of outlay but a honest course

alexmcghee 2019-03-21
Too much work on course and surrounding area to have a great experience.

Graham Lucas 2019-03-19
Many lovely holes, some work ongoing interferes a little, but will make it better.

Bob Guard 2019-03-19
Excellent Course and superb service from the staff. One of the best on the Algarve.

Allan Davies 2019-03-19
Great course in good condition - really enjoyable

Trevor Swift 2019-03-03
Fantastic course in great condition

Clive Taylor 2019-02-23
Difficult course. will be better when construction work is complete

Cathy Cirko 2019-02-19
Greens very good condition and tough

Roland Nilsson 2019-02-08
Very good course but slow play and looker room not up to standard

John Ryan 2019-02-05
Generally excellent. Some fairways are very bare and need improvement.

Max Cornish 2019-02-05
Beautiful course. Lovely setting. Good challenge

Kevin Freeman 2019-01-29
GReat golf course!

Sandra Muit 2019-01-26
We have played the 9 hole courses Alvor and Praia. Both are very beautiful. Praia has its own charm going along the sea and Alvor has very nice views. The maintenance of the course is very good. Absolut recommendation to play again.

LHEUREUX 2019-01-22
C'est un parcours que nous connaissons bien et où nous avons un réel plaisir à jouer. Toutefois aujourd'hui, nous avons été programmé juste après une compétition derrière laquelle nous avons beaucoup attendu (avec un fort vent froid !). Greens impeccables mais fairways sans herbe !

Steve Bassi 2019-01-21
We play here every year, but overall we were disappointed this time. There was a competition on so the front 9 was closed, we played the back 9 and the links 9. The greens on the back 9 were terrible, but the links was in very good condition. However, our rounds were interrupted by several players who were practicing for the competition just jumping in ahead of us on the links 9, they had been told the course was clear, bad organisation

Hilary Minto 2019-01-12
A well maintained and friendly course with stunning views as well.

Timo Salomaa 2019-01-08
Course layout is good. So many different fairways. It is really fun to play it. Green were perfect condition.

Mr Heuzeroth 2019-01-04
One of the best courses at the Algarve. Always in a great shape.

Michael Montgomery 2018-12-19
Very good

Tim Cartwright 2018-12-08
A wonderful golf course in beautiful surroundings but the greens are just too difficult for us. We wish we could have played on the links 9 during our trip.

Richard Martin 2018-12-06
Very impressive course. Although not easy. Greens very fast mako g putting a bit of a lottery. Poor club house though.

Max De Groot 2018-11-29
super course with spectacular views

Mikko Raunio 2018-11-07
Fantastic course. I played links (19-27) and then first nine - perfect combination. On links nine, a stroke saver would be good idea.

Andrew Collings 2018-11-07
We enjoyed playing the golf course, however, it was very busy and we only just had enough light to play our round. Poor administration and service at the Golf Club, problem with buggy allocation. The person that dealt with us was very very rude and was quite aggressive.

ROGER HERRING 2018-11-05
Course shabby, not enough time between groups of players. Hospitality very good.

Bill Robertson 2018-11-04
Always a pleasure to play this beautiful course. Helpful and friendly staff

Great golf course . Beautiful views.

Derek Hughes 2018-10-30
Slow going and course in reasonable condition

Jim Houlihan 2018-10-23
Very good the front nine we played was very enjoyable and genuine links. The second nine was completely different and more hilly. Only complaint is the course was difficult to find and could do with more road signs.

Adrian Brooks 2018-10-22
Golf course was in its usual superb condition. Very busy but Daniel the on course marshal was excellent in keeping people moving

Gregory Parker 2018-10-21
Was glad my day could be changed Played with three other nice guys Bunkers not so good

carlos verhelst 2018-10-17
Well maintained course. Good and friendly organisation. Clubhouse can use a renovation.

Steve Defty 2018-10-15
Excellent course spoilt by inconsiderate slow players, particularly on the Sunday when a 2 and 3 ball caused a massive tailback.. The marshalls should have stepped in and either made them speed up or leave the course. We teed off at 14:02 and could not complete the course before it got dark due to those idiots. The previous 2 games were completed under 4 hours, the last game we gave up on with 5 holes to go as it was 18:45 and the game was just plain painful! #nothappy

Pieter Colijn 2018-10-10
Top course. Excellent tee's greens and fairways

Etienne Bucher 2018-10-09
all perfect

Ian McMeeking 2018-10-08
I didn't think the course was in as good condition as I remembered from 15 years ago. We played Priaia and Alvor. There are now 27 holes we wondered if we were offered the best 18 to play because we were on a TeeTimes deal? However the deal went very smoothly and the staff were good.

Rick Hewland 2018-10-05
We all enjoyed the course and facilities

Peter Clement 2018-10-04
Love the course. Bunkers a little inconsistent but a joy to play.

Jim Hardman 2018-10-03
As usual a very stiff test course in great condition,

glenn weston 2018-09-16
holes 1 to 18 are great but holes 19 to 27 were not as good .

patrick Barthel 2018-09-03
Very nice campo

Hannes Herzum 2018-08-21
Wonderful spot

Iain Marshall 2018-08-18
Fantastic course, the best we played. Re- booked tee time after we got the day wrong. Thank you Palmares GC and Teetimes..

Steve Thorpe 2018-07-19
Great course wi viewsth fantastic

Carlos Ferreira 2018-07-11
We had a fantastic day. Palmares offers great variety of holes all with fantastic views. Greens fast and sloppy. Can play this golf course tomorrow again.

Michael Coyle 2018-07-10
Once again service at the club house was deplorable.The access roads to the golf course were in very bad condition, and was no signs to guide you to the golf course.

Henk Westland 2018-07-07
Perfect place

Keith Walker 2018-07-04
Great golf course in good condition, staff very friendly.

Tuilier 2018-06-26
Very well

Curtis O'Reilly 2018-06-06
The course has many great views and we paid a summer rate with cart of approximately 70 Euros which made it a reasonable price. The 9 holes along the ocean is a great opportunity to try some links golf

Neil Meffin 2018-05-19
Good course but wind played havoc with game

Jesper Schou 2018-05-14
We had to wait for an hour to get our buggies and actually ended up playing with one less buggy than desired in order to avoid waiting even longer. Very windy day, which makes it a tough course and in some cases the walk from one hole to another is too long.

Jesper Schou 2018-05-14
All in all a good experience on a relatively calm day with good service. The course is a bit dry and the holes 6-8 on the Praia loop are not up to the standard of the rest of the holes, but otherwise a fine course.

Very beautiful course. But it’s not 1 pax/ 1 buggy ... it’s 2 pax/ 1 buggy IF available... it’s not the same. So we were lucky to have one buggy for 2 players.

Cuny Philippe 2018-05-04

Gilles Blier 2018-05-01
Superb course.

Fran Mackey 2018-04-25
We love this course and it gets better every year we return

Stewart Binnie-McKenzie 2018-04-25
Great course but bunkers hard panned but prob because of rain the night before other than that perfect

Mr N Suffolk 2018-04-24
Enjoyed the course, although it was a 5 hour round... too many ''not good enough'' golfers on course.

colin armitage 2018-04-15
I like it as a golf course, the beach 9 is just lovely, but they continue to try and get too many groups on. 8 minutes between start times is just not enough. its so slow, over 4.5 hrs for the fourballs. Just adjusting to 9 would make all the difference to the experience. I am sure golfers dont return because of it but heh! maybe they dont care as there are always lots of golfers anyways. I have rated the experience only a 7 because the club house and approach areas are now looking tired. They are trying to promote a five star resort type experience but it is tatty.

Andreas Proske 2018-04-15
Thank you for the great service and quick communication!

Tania Segers 2018-04-01
Very diverse golf course with ample possibilities due to the 3x 9 hole combinations possible.

Gary Watts 2018-03-30
Beautiful golf course thoroughly enjoyed a great mix holes long short makeable and impossible, still my favorite in the Algarve Lovely staff great facilities.

Elizabeth Tolster 2018-03-29
A great round of golf. The restaurant/bar was very limited, but the staff were very friendly.

Mark Wincer 2018-03-28
Very pleasant experiencep

Michael McKenna 2018-03-26
The Course was tremendous not a bad hole on it. The only problem was the inclement weather. But throughly enjoyed the day's outing. Was by far the best course played.

Bernd Bachmann 2018-03-25
The great view from the Club house or even from tea 19 to Lagos, to the coast and the wonderfully landscaped golf course we always find very impressive. But also the varied and well-maintained golf course makes us always happy to come to one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Algarve.

Göran Walle 2018-03-23
One of the best golfcourses in Algarve.

Diane McNally 2018-03-16
Enjoyed the course, very slow on the back nine.

Gert Jacobs 2018-03-04
I knew the course before and after it has been reconstructed and enlarged to 27 holes. Last time in 2012. I had great expectation because of a good design and spectacular views of the course. Afterwards I was somewhat disappointed. The fareways were extremely hard almost with no grass. The areas outside fareways and greens were left as they were years ago - very scruffy. Greens very fast and in good condition. Clubhouse small and not very attractive. Toilets in clubhouse unacceptable. The old ones are ok. Service needs to be improved: It took us more than half an hour to clear up things about the vouchers you sent them. In the end I sent them the email with the vouchers I received from you. At first I had to connect my iphone with their Wifi which proved difficult because of the poor signal. In consequence we had no practice time left for the driving ranch.

David Lewis 2018-03-03
Superb setting. Excellent condition

Ekkehard Behnke 2018-02-18
great located course!

Lee Dunn 2018-02-08
Very enyojable with SAN Carlos golf society, course in great condition

Max Cornish 2018-02-04
Course was excellent. Very interesting layout with spectacular views.

Robert Lentell 2018-02-02
Everything worked OK with winter package booking. However some of the holes in sand dunes looking tired and need some work on them.

Henk Eilander 2018-02-02
The service from TEETIMES is great

Kevin Freeman 2018-02-01
Great golf course!

tony Laframboise 2018-01-27
This a great course if you play 1 through 18. The Praia nine is a bit hocky but nice views. The front nine is the best part of the course but seldom do they allow guests to play this nine. Staff were great. We were lucky today and started on 10 and got on the front nine to finish thanks to a tip from the starter.

LHEUREUX 2018-01-22
Accueil et parcours parfaits mais pour le joueur, c’est une autre histoire ! Grand soleil et donc une journée magnifique.

Roberta alder 2018-01-18
Beautiful course, fantastic views of the sea. Great big greens and wide fairways. To bad the staff isn’t friendly. Would definitely play again.

Colin Papworth 2018-01-15
As usual, excellent. 8 instead of a 10 given the winter maintenance programme.

Steve Bassi 2018-01-15
A great course as always, will always go back

Colin Papworth 2018-01-13
Excellent course, really enjoyed playing here again even though winter maintenance meant that the greens were slower than normal.

Jan Pedersen 2017-11-22
Nice course.

Bill Robertson 2017-11-13
Excellent as always..a pleasure to play there and helpful, friendly staff.

Christopher Hunt 2017-11-11
Really enjoyed the course and although it was very busy there weren't too many hold-ups. A little expensive but a good golf course.

Thijs Beetstra 2017-11-07
Palmares is a lovely golf course which should be included in anybody’s golf schedule when visiting the Western Algarve. An automatic golf trolley is recommended.

Christopher Hunt 2017-11-06
Lovely course. Just a pity it is so busy but still enjoyed the day.

Jan Pedersen 2017-10-31

Bill McDonald 2017-10-28
Fantastic golf course club house is poor golf reception to small needs more marshals to avoid slow play 5 hours plus not good

Marc Luthi 2017-10-26
Course is very challenging and well kept. Service could be a bit more friendlier especially at the buggy pickup. No hot water in showers, never experienced before in a golf club house!!!! General service gives an impression of amateurisme. best regards, marc

Bill McDonald 2017-10-20
Reception area very small we felt we were not listen to unable to get are complaint across felt like we didn't matter a fantastic course we all loved it but i will not be playing this course again to much slow play we seen no marshals to speed things up

Mark Barnish 2017-10-20
Again clearly overbooked, teed off 20 minutes late, huge waiting at each tee and with 1:45 tee time not able to finish the 18 holes before dark!

Peter Clement 2017-10-14
Excellent layout but bunkers need more sand.

Michael Davies 2017-10-14
Poor clubhouse operation

Eddie clark 2017-10-13
Great course. Good service. Only problem only 1 buggy available

Daniel Kirwan 2017-10-13
Exceptional golf course .. beautiful layout..

Peter Roberts 2017-10-11
27 great holes of golf with fantastic views, well worth playing!!!

Paul Maxwell 2017-10-09
Superb all group voted this the best

Mike Sanderson 2017-10-06
Good mix of links and parkland holes in different 9s

Mr Ian Littlejohn 2017-10-02
This is a fantastic course - we played the Praia + Alvor 18 - thoroughly enjoyable. Two different types of golf on each 9, with the standout being the links golf of Praia. The course is in superb condition, and should be recommended to any party travelling to the Portimao region

Denise Earley 2017-09-30
Very good and staff very helpful the course was in great condition

andrew shipp 2017-09-19
Palmares was in excellent condition. And all the staff were very helpful.

Frank Sourbuts 2017-08-05
First class

Keith Walker 2017-07-12
Lovely course helpful staff but pro shop too small

Michael maynard 2017-07-02
Always a favourite. Great combinations.

JIM CLARKE 2017-06-21
I found both courses excellent, Palmares 7/10

Rory White 2017-06-19
Very disappointing as we were looking forward to playing Palmares again. Asked to pay the 18 parkland holes but had to settle for 9 Lagos & 9 links which we didn't enjoy. The 9 Alvor holes are the best this place has to offer, the other 18 are not worth the high green fees in our opinion.

Chris Brindle 2017-06-18
Nice course, I think the Championship course (1-18 Alvor/Lagos) probably best to play, the Praia course was slightly disappointing. Friendly staff, reasonable food and drink.

Robert Cannon 2017-05-30
stunning position and course layout

Stephen Green 2017-05-16
Lovely views and some tiugh holes

Jaap Slootweg 2017-05-05
Really nice!

Jeff Bull 2017-04-18
Slow greens but apart from that, very enjoyable and interesting course. Unfortunately the ''clubhouse'' isn't fit for purpose, just awful.

Heather Ward 2017-04-12
Had a really great day on a beautiful course with wonderful friendship, love the company Tee times provide both on and off the golf course ????

Graham Lucas 2017-03-31
Loved the old course, and still love all the new 27 holes, albeit it's now more expensive; some long green to tee steep walks, so buggies desirable for less agile folk

Alan Seery 2017-03-27
Google maps which we used for sat nav is giving the incorrect directions to Palmares course. Enjoyed playing the course. Some of the links holes could be better defined, e.g. it is difficult to figure out where the green is on the second par 5 for second shot and the same applies some of the par fours. A rock or some other mark in the fairway would be useful. The stroke saver is of little use, it does not give any ''pro'' tips for first time visitors.

Fran Mackey 2017-03-10
We have played here before and again the course was in excellent condition and everyone found it a great challange

Howard L Verrill 2017-02-28
I would never walk this course again. It is a great challenge and the greens were great but too hilly to walk for me. Bunkers needed some work.

Paul 2017-02-05
What a super course, certainly in my own all time top five courses to play, wonderful use of the local topography, have to note however that the locker rooms were very poor, akin to a UK municipal course, bar staff were very good, but the bar is tired and dated.

Axel Heuser 2017-01-04
You must have a good condition, if you play this course by walking. The course is very interesting. Nice views over the Alvor estuary.

simon walkley 2016-11-30
Always our favourite course but we are upset at the development which we think is very unsympathetic to the area

Michael Fahy 2016-11-21
Excellent. Staff on arrival welcoming and very helpful. Course in excellent condition and pace of play was very good as they obviously don't overcrowd it like Boa. Lunch was very enjoyable and staff very friendly. Will definitely recommend it to others and l look forward to playing it again.

Bienz Peter 2016-11-19
many people but beautiful course

Susan Crawford 2016-11-13
Very disappointed in this course this year. Had to play the links holes unexpectedly and they are very scruffy. In fact the whole course was in poor condition and very obviously over played. Very slow round, which gave us time to notice how unkept and scruffy it had become. The owners need to spend some money on the upkeep. This went from being our favourite course to thinking we won't go back next year.

Adrian Fraser Jones 2016-10-24
Great views and cracking course

Oliver White 2016-10-24

Stuart Watson 2016-10-21
A very good three by 9 hole course with some challenging holes, especially enjoyed the sea course, friendly & helpful staff.

Bill Robertson 2016-10-20
Glorious views...maturing nicely

Kelvin Lawton 2016-10-09
Too busy, even when teeing off at 8am. Despite the excellent course would think twice about playing there again.

Richard hartley 2016-10-04
Excellent course, well kept, very enjoyable.

Richard Hannam 2016-10-03
Nice contrast to the VDL/QDL courses being more of a links feel. Greens excellent. Need to sort drinks buggy service.

Denis Earley 2016-10-02
Best Course that I have ever played.

Andy Bryant 2016-09-26
Stunning course, very enjoyable

Andrew Ford 2016-09-23
1st time playing the course. apart from early morning sun causing havoc and not knowing the course but will definitely be back.

Ann Walker 2016-09-19
Stunning views looking out to sea

Daniel Kirwan 2016-09-16
Palmares is a fantastic course. It has everything to test all skills. Our favourite.

Irene Lee Donohoe 2016-08-27
Our favourite course - a view so beautiful! Again a buggy is needed for the older golfers.

Julia Bell 2016-08-13
Wonderful - but rather busy

Franco Di Fonzo 2016-07-06
Third time in Palmares but not satisfied. Fairway and greens non at the same level of last year.

Celio Carreto 2016-07-06
I hate the beach section. Not my favorite.

Peter Hurley 2016-06-28
great experience friendly and helpful staff a lovely course.

Jeff 2016-06-23
Again very busy but no matter which two nines you play a challenge to say the least.

Stephen Curley 2016-06-19
They changed our tee time on arrival by 30 minutes and we were placed behind a large group. Round took 5.5 hours to complete. Although a very picturesque golf course, condition was only average.

James Galbraith 2016-06-17

Klaus Grossmann 2016-06-06
Course was not in best shape (water?). Fairways far to dry and gard.

Philip Halpenny 2016-06-01
A hidden gem, the most popular course (Lagos/Praia) among our group. Like all courses, but especially here. clubhouse staff need to be much more professional

john michael o'neill 2016-05-19
simply superb

Dave Thompson 2016-05-16
This course is our most popular and the course and greens were in very good condition.

Paul Tweedle 2016-05-13
Very entertaining course.

Julian Pallister 2016-05-06
Uncrowded. Lovely views. Tricky greens

Peter Watson 2016-05-05
Played and enjoyed two rounds over the three ''nines'', all of which presented different challenges. Would definitely return.

execllent course

Lindsay Desmier 2016-04-19
Favourite course over this side of the Algarve, and value wise the best in the Algarve. Spectacular seaside course (27 holes). There are other great courses obviously but none at the price. Played just after a PGA event - superfast greens

Dave Pennington 2016-03-21
The condition of the surrounds to the greens was very poor. Newly laid turf and lots of sand made approach shots very difficult. There was a message on the score card explaining the condition but there was no offer of any discount. We were very disappointed to be charged the full green fee when it was clear that the greens surrounds were not in good condition and certainly not up to the standard expected.

Rene Olthof 2016-03-17
clubhouse is nothing worth mentioning. Courses are fine and difficult when you play it the first time. Need to be more cautious.

David Heasman 2016-03-10

David Heasman 2016-03-10

Eamonn Ryan 2016-03-09
Our favourite course on the Algarve. Good test of golf with spectacular views.

Alastair McLean 2016-03-05
The member's competition had not completed their first 9 holes before our start time however the starter let us go so we were sandwiched between 2 competition games for our first 9 holes (one of our playing days). Pity about the weather on during our 3rd game but we did manage 15 holes.

William Slattery 2016-02-08
Delayed start due to overrunning competition but started explained situation clearly so was ok. Condition of golf course and pace of play was very good. A truly enjoyable experience to be repeated

mr stephen banks 2016-01-21
course in excellent condition, however we didn't feel appreciated, didn't get value for money

Timo Taipalus 2016-01-21
Good o

Ari Niiniviita 2016-01-11
Very nice course, friendly service with caddy master

Stewart-Binnie Mackenzie 2016-01-11
great course but all non golf items ie food and drink very expensive

Susan crawford 2015-11-08
A great golf course especially if playing the first 18. We come from a links course in Northern Ireland so did not want to play the links type holes near the beach.

Lindsay Desmier 2015-10-27
Beautiful course - all 27 holes. This time Played 10-18 and last 9 links holes by the beach. Would recommend thoroughly

ruby Langhart 2015-10-26
Beautiful course on the beach. the most natural course.

Timo Taipalus 2015-10-24

dave cooksey 2015-10-23
Very good course shame about the buggies being late for last group.

Julian Pallister 2015-10-21

Colin Papworth 2015-10-17
Excellent course, requires a course Marshall to deal with poor etiquette and slow play.

Clive Davies 2011-11-29
Played within a Society on a sunny Friday morning and 1st visit to Palmares for 6 years and what a difference in the course. Some excellent views and the layout of the new course can be very challenging even for the low handicappers. You could not fault the condition of the greens and the pace of them was lightning. The work that has gone in to transform the course for me has been money well spent and hopefully the quality will continue. The only downside is the pricing of the coffee pre golf of 3 euros, lets not be greedy but package properly and we will travel on a regular basis from Vilamoura to play such a quality course. Clive Davies (handicap 13)

Chez Carlos Golf Society 2011-11-25
This was another visit to Palmares this year for the complete 27 holes for a return match between the Society and Rod Yates’ Lagos team. Strong turnout with x32 players enabled us to fix eight football matches with the chance to win one point for your team on each of the nine holes – full handicap stableford. This way your pairing were virtually always in the game. Early start this time at 09.00 so as to ensure we all got round. Thanks again to Rod for arranging the ‘picnic’ of food which was enjoyed out on the course. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the time of year – blue skies and sunny with no wind made for truly magnificent playing conditions. We were all clear by 4.30pm to re-assemble at a local beach bar on Meia Praia for the some well deserved liquid refreshment. A delightful meal of piri-piri chicken, grilled fish & salad rounded the day of perfectly. Shame the result was not better for us!

Manuel Quinta 2011-09-08
Os meus agradecimentos a toda a equipa de Palmares que esteve de forma muito profissional em todos os momentos da prova. A opinião dos membros foi clara. Adoraram o campo, que se apresentou em condições fenomenais, com vistas que dispensam quaisquer comentários e adoraram o serviço prestado pela vossa equipa, que esteve irrepreensível, incluindo o almoço e todos os detalhes inerentes à organização. Os meus parabéns. Manuel Quinta

Charles Coker 2011-09-08
Hi Palmares Played new holes on beach for first time Really good and greens spectacular !! The other holes are all coming on and maturing well too with them looking more and more natural every visit Now you have the correct order with the full 27 holes the balance is great and it all blends together - really impressed Well done! Charles

Joes Charlton 2011-03-11
I played Palmares about 20 years ago so was a little apprehensive when I heard they'd redesigned it but am pleased to say the changes are excellent and this is going to be one of the best in the Algarve. We played in February and were really pleased by the condition of the course (very quick pure greens). The front nine is nearly 4000 yards off the tips so a real test but the back nine is a little easier with some short par 4's and reachable par 5's. Well worth visiting if you are in the Algarve, is up there with the best in my opinion.

Ian Sipson 2010-11-18
i have just played the course on saturday and i would not recommend it to anyone. whilst the front nine are good, the back 9 are like playing on a building site. very disappointing.

Kira Kalinowski 2010-10-17
PLease, i would to know, in which month/year you will open the new Palmares? with regards k.Kalinowski

birgit meyer 2010-09-24
I have been playing the old PLAMARES fpr over years. Is Hea Pro Lis Espadinha still there? When will the new PALMARES ber opened??? Regards


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