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Vilamoura Old Course - latest comments and reviews

Lopez Alain 2024-05-08
We had great time. Problem on car pathétique cart was too slow

Gerard Kinsella 2024-05-08
Old course in fantastic condition work been done on paths and cutting back trees but does not take away from the enjoyment of playing. played many times before and look forward to playing again.

Mark Hobson 2024-05-05
Great course but not in as good condition as previous years, and certain clientele noisy and do not look after the course

Allan Andesen 2024-05-01
Great as always

Michael FitzPatrick 2024-04-17
Lots of work being done on course. Workers' foreman noisey. Otherwise in great shape

Jan Senkerik 2024-04-02
The staff, authentic older facilities, and quality of the course for sure take the #1 golf course in Portugal away from Monte Rei. The only thing that we did not like was that the holes are very close together so you always have someone around chatting. Also, sadly they were reconstructing the roads and cutting trees which disrupts the play quite heavily and there was no acknowledgement from the course that would compensate for it.

Mr Herbert Keil 2024-03-23
Eine einzige Baustelle ohne Entschuldigung oder Entgegenkommen. -**- A single construction site without apology or concession.

jamie 2024-03-18
Very very slow play . Greens were only ok . Course itself was in great condition. Range is brilliant . Staff are excellent. The ranger really need to speed up play group ahead we’re a hole behind and I have no problem them hitting it 20 yards off tee every hole but we should have been let play thur .

Ronny Krogh 2024-03-11
Unfortunate to only play 10 holes due to foodpoisening. Missing toilets on back 9 my only remark service was great

Martin Punch 2024-02-13
No buggies allowed on course and then charge €20 hire for electric trollleys, should be FOC especially as Many of the pathways are in need of repair.facilities and staff are excellent. Course in good condition despite all the rain.

Roderick Lagendijk 2024-02-12
Buggy bar was the poor thing

Michael Hemingway-Rees 2024-01-29
Experience was great; course was lovely and staff friendly. Buggy price at €60 is a bit steep

Anne Nikolaisen 2024-01-08
This time it was not in a good condition ,it was a lot of sand and many places without gras.... To excpensive to bee in that condition. We use to play Old course every time we are in Vilamoura, but next time we will not. There should have been a price reduction....

Dr. Klaus Mittelbach 2024-01-05
Friendly staff, but fairways under renovation, grass begins to grow, its like playing in a very large waste area. No information in advance for customers available. No price reduction.

Max de Groot 2023-11-12
Slow play, nice course

Brian Cains 2023-10-31
Good course seems to need some maintenance around the buggy paths. And directions to next holes Downe times not clear

Per Lauritsen 2023-10-30
Very good course, but some bad conditions because of last day storm.

Martin Punch 2023-10-26
Group of 8 played the day after storm Bernard and no buggies were allowed. The starter also confused many player with placing at bunkers which really meant bunkers were out of play. Green conditions were very good and the several trees down were taped off. Glad we got a game in but charging 7 euros each for pull carts on the day was a bit over the top on a course that was just about playable. Some of our players struggled without the buggy and No offer was made to change our booking to another day. We are also regular visitors to Dom Pedro Courses but this time experience rating is only 5/10

darren pike 2023-10-25
excellent course, a little tired around the edges, paths in particular need some attention. Playing surface was great though.

Eddie 2023-10-22
I found them most unhelpful. Having rented the clubs I requested a different putter which they couldn’t supply. As it was raining heavily I requested a towel to dry the buggy seat which they couldn’t supply. They gave out because i started at 7.57 instead of waiting in the rain until 8.00 am. The volume of water that is falling is rendering the course and greens unplayable and I came in after 12 holes. As you can probably guess overall the experience was disappointing. Eddie

Steve Richmond 2023-10-13
Another excellent golf course in great condition. A tough challenge due to the number of trees overhanging the length of each hole, hit it straight or struggle!! As with Victoria, great staff and very well organised from start to finish. Only issue was the length of the round, over 5 hours, where the marshal should have done something about the slow play a couple of groups ahead of us. We had to wait on most holes and at one stage we had 3 groups on one tee box.

Branko Krmpotic 2023-09-20
Second time we played it in this trip. Very enjoyable, but vaet paths really need work, for a world class golf course its embarrassing to have such terrible paths. Pace of play was excellent.

Mike Gray 2023-09-17
Great course as always although the cart paths need some attention…..

Ross Paisley 2023-09-16
Course in very good condition and enjoyed it. Buggy paths badly need repair.

Branko Krmpotic 2023-09-12
Very nice layout. Pleasure to play. Cart paths are very dated and need a major rebuild. As usual, these guys play games with the tee placement. Everything is pushed forward. Got done in 4 hours so can't complain too much.

Mark Crilly 2023-08-16
The course is nice.

Francisco Rodrigues 2023-07-17
Always play Old Course when we come over. This time it was not enjoyable. We were paired with another 2 ball. Although company was good one player was of unknown handicap and was terrible. Ruined the experience for the round. Supposed to have been our holiday treat. Will need to rethink this for next time.

Stefan Catoiu 2023-07-16
Buggy’s to slow! The

john kiely 2023-07-07
Hi, I always love playing the old course. I was a little disappointed though on this occasion. While the fairways and greens are very good for this time of year, the paths and signage were in very poor condition( especially around holes 2 to 4). As always though, I look forward to coming back again on my next visit.

Tommy Grehan 2023-06-18
Course and facilities getting old. Very expensive for the the condition of the course.

Elizabeth Pelham 2023-05-16
Lovely course. We played at twilight, some small delays meant we only managed to play 17. Buggies back at 8 was better than Vila Sol

Sam daniels 2023-05-04
Got partnered with two really poor players who didn’t have any golf etiquette. Over 2.5 hours for 9 holes, ended up coming off due to such a poor experience. Great course and great condition but poor experience

Gerard Kinsella 2023-04-27
Good course paths need repairing urgently

Rob Gibson 2023-04-20
Good varied mix of holes, a bit disappointing to have 2 greens sanded and cored during high season, and the greens could maybe be cut a little bit lower and be a little bit faster, they didn’t roll super true because they had a bit too much grass on them, but they were ok, the rest of the course was excellent condition. Staff were ok.

Paul Reynolds 2023-04-10
A great venue but could have done with a bit of a tidy up . Did not detract from the experience. A great track

JAMIE 2023-03-18
Very friendly staff . Great club house . Fairway were very good . One of the shorter courses even off the longer tees . Only downfall were the Sandy greens . Which I was surprised as there was a Pro Am on the same day .

Joe Dowling 2023-03-18
Course in good condition overall by..a bit overpriced ..slow round

Truls Jakobsen 2023-03-13
The fairways were not good. Lack of grass at the fairways. The greens however was very good. Fast and same speed.

Oliver Heer 2023-03-12
Nice Golf Course. Not to difficult. A lot of pine trees on the way.

Paul Kelly 2023-03-05
A shame to see trees disappearing at such a rate. Buggy paths are a disgrace. Still love the old lady but money needs to be spent. PK

Course in poor condition especially the buggy tracks

Frank Haidinger 2023-01-13
Same experience as during the last years. Tee boxes, fairways and greens in good condition. In comparison to the other courses the Old Course appears to me slightly overpriced, as it does not provide a significantly better experience than e.g. the Pinhal Course or the Amandoeiro Faldo Course.

Mark Hutch 2023-01-11
Not as well presented as it should be.

Philippe Pineau 2023-01-01
Old course greens are excellent. Many fairways are bare and sticky. Easy to find a better deal elsewhere.

Clive Sims 2022-12-27
Everyrhing was good.

stewart binnie-mckenzie 2022-12-18
We had to wait to play every shot after first hole , we asked the marshal but he said the party holding three two balls up were on schedule but surely any four ball should be told to let play through

Patrick Winterbotham 2022-11-29
Tees were scruffy

Michael Griffin 2022-11-18
Really good golf course, looked a little overplayed, still enjoyed our time there

David Paul Gough 2022-11-14
Far to expensive for the condition of the course

Ronnie Turner 2022-11-07
Nice course, quite tight

Patrick Neary 2022-11-05
A bit old fashioned but in good condition. Pace of play extremely slow and frustrating. Seems too difficult for casual and inexperienced golfers.

Wulf Viola 2022-11-05
it could be better maintained; the paths are bumpy and in poor condition. Some areas of the course are not matching the standards as well

David Burley 2022-10-30
Always really enjoy playing the old course.

Per Lauritsen 2022-10-26
Exelent course and faciltys

Didier Becholey 2022-10-26
Très bien - Very good

Robert Martin 2022-10-25
The course is far too overbooked and as a result failed to finish the round due to fading light. Very disappointing

Peter Clement 2022-10-25
As always a good test of Golf and have to play all the shots.

Jamie O'Mahony 2022-10-21
Tee boxes in poor condition . Buggy pathways need serious repairs . Still a lovely course

Darryl Williamson 2022-10-18
Great course in excellent order

Jon Raw 2022-10-18
Great course. Nice staff we will be back

Paul Remorini 2022-10-18
Beautiful afternoon and a beautiful golf course. Our favourite here and it didn't disappoint.

Ralph Keyes 2022-10-13
Great traditional course

Gerry McKenna 2022-10-11

Mark Bennet 2022-10-10
Again a bit worn in places

Dave Cooksey 2022-10-09
A good course to play some tee boxes need leveling.

Stephanie 2022-10-02
Nice course in very good condition, however the infrastructure needs urgent update to justify the price. Carpath is in an absolut bleak condition and the restrooms are outdated. Very friendly starter but a very unfriendly guy at the buggy give out. In top of it, the Restaurant closes before the last groops come in...

Richard Grove 2022-09-28
Excellent course in great condition

Ian Steele 2022-09-27
Staff were very friendly and very helpful when I arrived to book in for my tee time. The starter also made sure I was introduced to my playing partners, being a single golfer. Course very good and in excellent condition.

Mike Sykes 2022-09-21
Brilliant condition and we got out earlier than out allocated time

Mario Rui Lourenco Ribeiro 2022-09-20
Perfect. It is always a pleasure to play this course

Adrian Woodward 2022-09-19
Very welcoming. Loved the course and the facilities were as good as I expected

Peter Crockett 2022-09-11
Excellent course, was in great condition & enjoyed the whole experience

Scott Aird 2022-09-04
Great course, one of my personal favourites

Bernd Grottel 2022-09-02
The Buggybar did not really work well; firtsly, they did not have anything and secondly, once we ordered at hole 8, the buggybar came back at hole 15; and even then the order was not complete! Golfwise: the first nine holes are nice, the second nine holes were ok.

John Kearns 2022-08-29
always a very good service

IAN HARTIS 2022-08-28
great course

Julie Cobley 2022-08-15
Very good staff very accommodating

Malcolm Trevor Roberts 2022-08-03
Great course in excellent condition, friendly and helpful staff

Paul Antony Chapman 2022-08-02
Faultless. Course is in amazing condition. Greens are fair and true.

Kieran Roche 2022-08-01
The Old Course was in terrific condition and made for a tough round of golf with anything wayward off the tee harshly punished! We thoroughly enjoyed the laid back nature of the Golf Club and had a really enjoyable few hours all in all.

Mike Smith 2022-07-22
My favourite course in Vilamoura

Adrian 2022-07-18
Favourite course. Super condition

Paul Stevens 2022-07-17
Course itself is still a classic but badly let down by the infrastructure. Buggy paths in serious need of renovation. Brakes not working properly on buggies, no longer gps on buggies, fairways scruffy in parts. Overall needs severe investment to get it back to where it was before Dom Pedro took it over.

Conie Mascarenhas 2022-07-15
This is still one of the Best Courses I have played in the Algarve and is well maintened. At present they do a half price buggy deal and comes with a complimentary refillable water bottle. Greens are true but slightly firm as the ball does not check quick enough when chipped on.

Andrew Cliff 2022-07-14
Great course, buggy paths need some attention

Ninian Havermans 2022-07-14
Very nice course

Mark Kirkman 2022-07-12
Excellent as always

R.S. 2022-07-12
Course is great. Pathways, infrastructure is not in a good shape. Expected more from The Old Course

James Roland Thomas Allen 2022-07-07
Hire clubs are old, need some new models. Didn’t cater for our left handed golfer very well.

Ralph van den Boogaard 2022-06-28
Very nice course

Mike Smith 2022-06-27
This is my favourite course in Vilamoura. All 8 golfers loved it.

Tony Seaton 2022-06-21
Lovely golf course and set up

Per Lokken 2022-06-17

Mark Weekes 2022-06-15

Kevin Hill 2022-06-08
Fantastic course and friendly staff

Phil Pacey 2022-06-07
Excellent course and facilities

Chris Avraam 2022-06-05
Very nice course, lots of trees but does still give you a chance to score. One I think better players will appreciate.

Duncan Matthews 2022-05-24
Absolutely beautiful course, really enjoyed it.

Adrian Brown 2022-05-23
As fab as always

Jeff 2022-05-22
Beautiful course, very friendly staff and lovely food

Mark Grant 2022-05-19
Great Service and enjoyed the course

Jamie Hughes 2022-05-14

Michael Leahy 2022-05-12
The Old Course has deteriorated significantly since I started to play there over 15 years ago. In my view it is now seriously overpriced and is trading on it's previously good reputation. The buggy paths are in a terrible condition and there has been no maintenance or repairs to them since Dom Pedro took ownership. Tee boxes were just about adequate. Many of the tee boxes are not level due to subsidence at both sides, leaving a noticable hill in the middle, making it difficult to find a totally level spot to tee up the golf ball. The course itself however is still a challenging design and enjoyable to play. We will not be playing the Old Course again as we feel that there is better value for money elsewhere.

Kevin Steele 2022-04-29
Always my favourite course. Just a pity it needs some real tlc following neglect during covid. Buggy paths in particular are dreadful.

Issy Stewart 2022-04-28
Favourite course fantastic service and great round of golf

Jim Thomas 2022-04-26
very enjoyable,thank you

Per Løkken 2022-04-26

Kjell Baudin 2022-04-17
Always perfect at Dom Pedro Old Course

Ian Permain 2022-04-09
Have been going to the Old course for 10 years, probably in the poorest condition in that time, greens fine but fairways bare in places.Again the block pavings need attention as the paths are dangerous to walkers.

Andrew Ward 2022-04-08
Great course but very busy including weak golfers. Pace of play slow meaning we had to miss out the last three holes which was disappointing. Needs handicap checking and more marshalling to speed up play.

John Reardon 2022-04-06
Fantastic Course

Garry 2022-04-05
Old course was disappointing and in poor condition, expected better

John Crofton 2022-04-05
Group really enjoyed all games.

Trevor Simpson 2022-04-05
Little disappointed. Course is very expensive for what it was.

Matt Miller 2022-03-18
Not happy that they were not aloud buggies we did get 1 buggy so only 2 of us could play as we are a bit old to be walking around not sure why we couldn’t have 2 as there were loads of people in buggies

Matthew Williams-Clement 2022-03-05
Excellent course with a stern challenge. Pace of play a little slower than we’d have liked

Klaus Fuchs 2022-03-04
Wie immer ein besonderer Kurs, schön angelegt und oft enge Bahnen und nicht allzu große Grüns. Verzogene Bälle wurden schnell Beute der Bäume.

Hervé Maillard 2021-11-16

Gerald Sweeney 2021-11-09
Course was in terrible condition

Martin Punch 2021-11-09
Excellent Course with best par 3 in the Algarve.

Maximilian Knappertsbusch 2021-10-11
Payment page did not work on Safari. Staff was however very helpful.

Dan Bodalen 2021-10-03
Fantasic ????????

John Ake Andersson 2021-09-30
Lots of tree

Hartmut Spickermann 2021-09-11
Everything fine.

Hartmut Spickermann 2021-09-07
Sehr zufrieden!

Craig Mcmillan 2021-08-22
In good condition staff friendly, course in good condition although a course you would have to play a few times to enjoy,

Steven Foley 2021-08-17
There was no Drinks cart out on the golf course on what was the hottest day of the year. This had not been communicated prior to going out. In fact we were told that there would be a service starting at 0930. Completely unacceptable and in fact dangerous. The course however was in great condition.

Chris Ray 2021-06-24

Adam Marlow 2021-05-24
In lovely condition and always a good test

Marcos lourenço 2021-04-10
Very lovely Course

Brigitte Senecaut 2021-04-08
Very nice golf course

Rebecca Draper 2021-01-25
Lovely course, easy to book in, get buggies and refreshments

Libby Lennox 2021-01-01
The Old Course was in very good condition with the greens the best we have played on in weeks.

Dr. Klaus Mittelbach 2020-12-29
Everything well organised, course in good shape

David Whalley 2020-11-26
The original and still the best

Neil Macklin 2020-10-25
Superb course . . In great condition

Paddy Duggan 2020-03-23

Nick Kealey 2020-03-19
Our favourite

Billy O´Reagan 2020-03-07
Very good but maybe overrated

Billy O´Reagan 2020-03-07
Very good but maybe overrated

Howe Damian 2020-03-02
A great course and a good challenge for any golfer. Good facilities, good menu

Dennis Meredith 2020-02-29
A joy to play this course once again.

Mikko Raunio 2020-02-05
Quite bad condition on fairways

Lee hyun mi 2020-02-02
very bad condition of fareway and slow green

Andrew Blair 2020-01-28
Tee time was not what we were advised. I have emailed you already to ask you to confirm the next two days booking times.

James Paul Harland 2020-01-09
Very pleasant experience from the staff, very helpful and courteous.

Danny Verheyden 2019-12-30
Very beautiful course to play!

Andy Chambers 2019-12-28
Very wet conditions so not the usual high standard on the fairways but overall a good day in sunny weather

Danny Verheyden 2019-12-27
Course in very good condition! Nice to play!

Peter Krüger 2019-12-25
Top Course

Neil Davies 2019-12-07
Fantastic condition and best greens in the competition

Max de Groot 2019-11-22
Best course in the Algarve! Not just the quality of the course itself, but also the stylish and classical golf attitude of personnel and club house

Anne Nikolaisen 2019-11-19
Very Nice course

Tibor Mlynka 2019-11-15
very well

John Bracken 2019-11-03
Very good well organized. Today Playing loranjgi coarse

Sinead Egan 2019-10-22
Loved this course and played with a lovely couple from Luxembourg. Very well organised - everything went smoothly Thank yoy

Andreas Tenner 2019-10-18
Together with Victoria the best course! AMAZING!

Mark Baynes 2019-10-16
Great course. Beautiful piece of golf property. clubhouse and service were excellent.

David Burley 2019-10-13
always look forward to playing the old course and once again it didn't disappoint the staff was very helpful bought a shirt it didn't have logo on but they got it embroidered while I was on the course.

Lovera Philippe 2019-10-13
Superbe golf course

Derek Hough 2019-10-06

Maurice Rogers 2019-09-23
Not worth the money. Condition of the course was poor and the pace of play woefully slow. I won’t be rushing back.

nikki moss 2019-09-20
Fabulous course and well worth a visit. Challenging to all levels. Only disappointment was to buy balls for the range and then get up there to be told it was closing at 1pm!

Phil Clements 2019-09-18
Ten out of Ten. Best course we played. All staff very friendly and helpful. Loved it.

Adrian Brown 2019-09-16
Superb as always

Andy Jones 2019-09-16
Beautifully presented course

Peter Crockett 2019-09-08
Great course & staff very very helpful

Mr Stephen Archibald 2019-09-08
excellent as always

Guy Sambrook 2019-09-07
Quality golf course with great customer service.

Edward Walmsley 2019-09-05
Still the best course in the Algarve - stunning holes, stunning condition and a real challenge from the white tees.

Timothy J Tyte 2019-09-05
Excellent course. Only criticism is that the greens were very slow.

kenneth mccall 2019-09-02

Helen Pettitt 2019-08-30
Always lovely to return to The Old Course, so many staff have been here for years

Murray Armstrong 2019-08-27
Great service from Vilamoura Old Course and very enjoyable game and lunch. A gorgeous spot.

Lee Dawson 2019-08-22
Great course never disappoints. Service was spot on.

Sandro Sandri 2019-08-22
Great course, very nice clubhouse and staff. Deserves a comeback asap

James Kennedy 2019-08-19

Clive Walker 2019-08-16
Excellent service

Leigh davis 2019-08-13
Great course in superb condition Friendly staff all great

Pelayo Garcia-Comas Miranda 2019-08-08
Beautiful, the best in Vilamoura

Paul Mustoe 2019-08-06
Very good and relaxed check in. Lovely Clubhouse overlooking putting green first tee and driving range which was good quality. Excellent full breakfast although when asked if I wanted orange juice and coffee did assume that was included (the juice was 6 Euros a glass!). Teed off early as quiet and starter even let us go ahead of a 4 ball who were ready on the tee as we were a 2 (good management). Course in excellent condition generally and some lovely holes however towards the end the course felt a little tired which was emphasised by the buggy paths which were great for most of the round and then all of a sudden became rocky dirt tracks. A shame as of course the last few holes tends to be what people remember! Would certainly recommend this though.

James Love 2019-07-13
Course was in excellent condition. Pace of play was slow.

Hasan Alami 2019-07-11
Friendly staff. Course in very good shape

Denis Ovens 2019-07-08

Christopher Drew 2019-07-05
Good course, but the paths/buggy tracks need attention, very tatty in places. Bare areas on fairways need roping off and treated as Ground under repair,otherwise it will only get worse.

Christopher Drew 2019-07-03
Wonderful day, not crowded at all, staff very warming, fairways a little bare in places and repairs have been carried out recently.

Denis Ovens 2019-07-02
Fantastic course

Fiona Reid 2019-06-23
Great condition

Terry Jackson 2019-06-23
Good course, well kept with good greens.

John Holt 2019-06-22
This has always been my favourite course and is both demanding and fairly short. There are some classic holes here.

Stewart J Gallacher 2019-06-19
Course was excellent. Buggy hire was €45 euros which was far too expensive. Not happy.

Carlos Cardoso 2019-06-19
5 estrelas

Trym Anderson 2019-06-15
Very nice course with maaany trees ,but little slow greens

Brian Trenbirth 2019-06-02
Wonderful course in good condition. Facilities and service great. Very expensive.

Barry Keane 2019-06-01
Course and service was excellent.

Tony Abbott 2019-05-30
A very nice golf course very busy but in good condition. Enjoyed it and would play it again

Matt Burke 2019-05-30

Adrien Vancostenoble 2019-05-29

Derek Hughes 2019-05-28

Bryan Dick 2019-05-27
Excellent all round. Course in great condition. Tremendous staff.

Alan Williams 2019-05-24
Best course in area by far. Great condition. Sheer class. A must olay

James brooks 2019-05-24
Great golf course, excellent condition, as good as I’ve known it. Changing rooms old and in need of a major refurb.

Judith Tolcher 2019-05-23
Arrived early and we were able to play early as a two ball.

Terrenoire 2019-05-22

Paul Reynolds 2019-05-20
Fantastic place to play golf . Cannot find fault with the Old course . A great course , great service and lovely place . First class. If the club house stayed opened a bit longer it would have been a 10

helen pettitt 2019-05-12
Our favourite course but this time was very slow. Huge groups going out that just got slower and slower Course and staff still fantastic

Timo Lehto 2019-05-08
The Old course was an experience. The course was in excellent shape and staff was friedly and in good humor. The only problem was the narrow fairways which caused several fore shouts from us and the other players. Also the normal rate greenfee price was high.

Pat Connellan 2019-05-07
Tough course, a lot of trees to negociate

Jamie Hughes 2019-05-01
ok fairways poor

Michael O'Neill 2019-04-29
For the price we were paying, we were very disappointed with the condition of the course especially on the front 9. We also played very early in the morning, teeing off at 8.00am and it was very frustrating to find bunkers that had clearly not being raked.

Jim Liddy 2019-04-28
Beautiful course, pity about the condition of the first few fairways but excellent experience

David Moran 2019-04-24
Course was in poor visible condition outside the fairways but the Fairways and greens where very good and we really enjoyed playing the course. Only real complaint was it took nearly 5 hours to play as 2 of the group in front never picked up there ball when out of the hole and must have taken 10 shots on most holes. We felt sorry for the elderly couple playing with the 2 gents as the couple where waiting on every green for them to hole out.

Graeme Marr 2019-04-24
absolutely fantastic experience with excellent courses.

John Coates 2019-04-24
It was the fifth time in 10 years that I have played the Old Course and it was without doubt in the poorest condition I have known it. The fairways on the first six holes were very poor and patchy as though they had been infected. The greens were first class though.

Darryl Williamson 2019-04-24
Superb course requiring accuracy rather than distance, a very good challenge

Segers eric 2019-04-24
Very well groomed course, some trees make approach to greens unfair

Brian Filler 2019-04-20
The course was in nice condition however the speed of play was extremely slow.

Eoghan Lenihan 2019-04-18
Very good. Lot more expensive than the previous 9 years but good experience all the same

David Driffill 2019-04-15
Stunning course, good challenge.

Shane Quigley 2019-04-11
It’s just a treat to play every year, not a week hole on it.

Svein Tonna 2019-04-10
Outstanding course

Neil Watkinson 2019-03-31
Superb course But again pricing themselves out of the market

Andy Kerr 2019-03-15

Acacio do Carmo 2019-02-13
Un parcours à l’ancienne. Parsemé d’arbre. Visez droit !

Janie Jenkins 2019-02-07
Lovely course in magnificent condition.

Ian Fisher 2019-02-07
Everything was superb as always, telma does an excellant job!

Fredrik Sorebo 2019-01-26
Started 8.50 on a Saturday. Greens super 9/10. Fairways unmowed, a lot of dew 5/10. Gramacho fairways much better, as a comparison. Course beautiful with a lot of trees

Anne 2019-01-07
Very Nice course

Cheng Li Seng 2019-01-07
Wonderful golf course. Challenging game with high treelines along the fairways and highly ''Bunker-protected'' greens. Course management is a must. Consider walking to enjoy the course.

James Kennedy 2019-01-05

Joaquina Hadjeba 2019-01-05

Paul Neville 2019-01-03
In great condition and as always a good test of golf.

All was very well

Johnny Lemer 2018-12-31
Brilliant course and played 4 under my handicap

Geert Fore 2018-12-26
great course but unfortunate that the greens where stitched days before opening...

Paul Fell 2018-11-29
Very good

Paul Mullen 2018-11-29
Course very good but it took 5 hrs! We were last off in a 4 ball and one of the ladies was very very slow player

Ulrich Fehlmann 2018-11-17
Top as usual

Philip Anderson 2018-11-15
All our needs were taken care off in a very helpful and professional manner.

Arve Bekkevar 2018-11-15
Very nice person in the reception, but they did not allow my friend to enter the course in jogging-shoes. Another friend and me, have golf-shoes without spikes. What is the difference? Only €20 for rental-shoes.

John Deveney 2018-11-15
Course as good as ever, well presented, paths could do with some work. Prepaid buggies would be a plus.

Craig Ferreira 2018-11-14
Great course, great service, can’t wait to play it again.

brian haystead 2018-11-14
Great course in good condition senior friendly staff and ground staff very friendly Brian 76 year old from Nottingham

Petrusch Juergen 2018-11-11
simply great but some players play too slow

Max De Groot 2018-10-24
Wonderful classic golf course . Well maintained, requires tactical course management rather than long drives. Personel and greenkeepers all contribute to a great golfing experience. Avoiding the pine trees is an art in itself????

NEIL DUGGAN 2018-10-20
Great condition just too slow getting around with very slow novice golfers holding people up with no care for anyone else .

Philippe Sauvain 2018-10-17
Très bien, à part une modification de 10 minutes tous les parcours (5) réservés étaient enregistrés. Excellente performance. Nous recommandons Teetimes,

Gary Duke 2018-10-16
Fabulous course in very good order throughout. Don Pedro golf are really increasing green fees for their five courses around Vilamoura, if this keeps up I’m unlikely to play them next year, better deals are available along the Algarve

Marcus Williamson 2018-10-12
Not my favourite course but was in excellent condition.Overall experience was great

George McDonald 2018-10-11
Great days golf. Always a challenge. Course a little worn in places.

Didier Becholey 2018-10-07
Le parcours est magnifique mais trop cher par rapport à ce que l’in trouve en Suisse. Particulièrement le fait de ne pas pouvoir s’échauffer au practice qui était fermer parce que les jardiniers devaient tondre, et les greens très marqués en raison du nombre de personnes sur le parcours. A ce prix, j’attend la perfection......

Ian Molyneux 2018-09-29
Always a good experience playing here. Facilities not as good as you would expect from a course of this stature.

Jim McIlwaine 2018-09-22

Darren Johnson 2018-09-13
Really nice course, staff where lovely, did prefer Pinhal for price and condition

Phil Clements 2018-09-13
Superb. Always love coming here.

Mike Ford 2018-09-12
Great course very friendly

Fiachra Driscoll 2018-09-10
Excellent course and excellent experience

Peter Crockett 2018-09-08
Great picturesque course, love playing here

Alan Doodson 2018-09-07
The course is in good condition and plays well for an average handicap golfer. The price of golf and especially a buggy (€40) is too high.

Andrew Sworowski 2018-09-06
We always look forward to playing the 'Old Course' and were not disappointed. It was a good day weather wise and we both played the course well. The hospitality was very good which added to the experience. My only criticism would be that the course was looking a little tired in places and not to the high standard on the previous occasions we have been there.

terry smith 2018-09-05

John Kearns 2018-08-25
Great course

Steve Levitt 2018-08-22
Very good course Staff friendly All round experience most enjoyable and would recommend

Graham Sims 2018-08-22
Great course in very good condition. Speed of play good completed round in just over 3 hours

Breen 2018-08-18
The best in Vilamoura

Wayne Pontin 2018-08-12
Excellent course and very good greens- food and drink very expensive

Des Lehany 2018-08-09
Great Service from the old course, would definitely recommend.

Jason Hoe 2018-07-30
Good hospitality with complimentary water, golf balls and tees. In terms of the course, boring and wouldn't play there again.

John Nightingale 2018-07-26

Gerry Ashe 2018-07-14
Excellent Course

Darren Howlett 2018-06-27
Like how they have increased the size of the changing room! Course fantastic as always.

Martin Forster 2018-06-18
Every thing was great, played twice a few years ago, still fantastic, staff very helpful, I will be back soon

Bob Brown 2018-06-01
fantastic as always - a pleasure to play on the course. would be a 10 but for the ridiculous prices for food and drink

Ulrich Mueller 2018-05-13
Nice course, have fun.

Dan Pritchard 2018-05-09
Very pleasant...

Peter Lovenholm 2018-05-07
It's a fun course I've played 3 times before, this year quite few greens were under "construction" and some fairways had spots with now grass on them. Max. 150 metres on the driving range.

Jamie Hughes 2018-05-02

very good course

Brian Haystead 2018-04-22
Fantastic course very senior friendly no buggies allowed today Due to resent bad weather 75yrold brian

Thomas Karr 2018-04-13
Lovely Golf Course and nice and helpful people in the Clubhause.

Clive Sims 2018-04-11
Joined up with 2 good golfers and had a good day. We still felt the marshalling could have been better as a slow group had lost holes.

Peter Byron 2018-04-11
Lovely course in great condition. Quite a lot of maintenance going on with hollow tining to a couple of greens, pace of play was good, but it was quiet.

Steven Ritchie 2018-04-08
Fantastic course in excellent condition, would highly recommend.

Kratzer 2018-04-08
Very nice course

SASSARD - MARIE 2018-04-07
All was perfect!

Peter Grant 2018-03-29
The Old Course was in great condition this year. Glad to see the locker room has been extended.- one of our favourites.

Ralf Wutke 2018-03-19
An experience. Very friendly staff. Wonderful place, very varied, excellent condition. It can be very tiring to walk, buggy is recommended.

Andrew Flynn 2018-03-11
Nice course with character, staff really helpful

Thomas Wicker 2018-03-05
Excellent course, high trees and fair, your ball will drop out of the trees again , perfect greens and fairways

Colin Smith 2018-03-02
As good as it has always been!!

James Wood 2018-02-26
The best of the courses in Vilamoura in my opinion, and customer service is exceptional. The only down side to the Old Course was the fact the range is undergoing extensive improvements (Feb 2018)so when we visited you couldn't hit anything past 150, so no option to practice with driver etc but this will improve the facilities in the long run, the customer service here is a notch above Millennium/Laguna/Pinhal with a courtesy pick up from car park/s to clubhouse etc, clubs cleaned post round, free ice and water and a little better service in the bar / restaurant, which looks over the practice green and course.

Val Smith 2018-02-03
Superb course, loved it, great condition, best course we played all week.

Ron Harris 2018-01-23
Fantastic. The staff were very helpful and the corse was in great condition. I wish my Golf had been as good

Zeljko Lovkovic 2018-01-16
Best of all Dom Pedro for me, very nice course, true fast greens and green thick fairways. A real joy! Yes for me much better than Victoria which is somehow without spirit and very yellow due to lack of rain in last two month and lack of trees around.

Markus Gutzler 2018-01-08
Very nice course, very good conditions, had a wonderful day there. Because we were almost alone on the course. Staff is also very friendly there.

Allan Andersen 2018-01-07
Old Course is a must for all golfers visiting Vilamoura! Great staff & Course is always in good conditions.

Dominik L. Zuhorn 2018-01-04
Ein wunderschöner Platz, der in sich in einem sehr guten Zustand befand!

Nyitray 2017-12-31
We were very satisfied . Nice and friendly stuff, , for winter time good course condition and best chicken wings in Vilamoura :-)

Frank McGinty 2017-12-31

Neil Duggan 2017-12-30
Excellent course was in great condition and very friendly staff too , Greens were as good as you will get and fairways too .

William Forrest 2017-12-19
Superb as always. May be the oldest in area but still one of the best

Regina Paetzke 2017-11-23
My favourite course, sooo many trees ?

Tilman 2017-11-15
One of the finest courses I‘ve ever played! Just stunning, views are beautiful, course conditions are Perfect. Unfortunately the Marshall better should learn his job.

John Deveney 2017-11-14
Course and staff as good as ever, new owners are tidying up some areas of neglect.

Rainer Albath 2017-11-13
Beautiful course... condition very Good!

Wilson Pitt 2017-11-11
Fabulous first course we book every time we come to the Algarve

David Evans 2017-10-31
Fantastice golf course, my favourite - a good challenge and very well presented. The service from the staff in the clubhouse and in and around the course was excellent.

Jan Sklepek 2017-10-30
Very nice golf course, top in form, but on Monday very loud greenkeepers machines on all holes.

Marc Luthi 2017-10-26
One of the best courses in the Algarve. Very friendly service and will play the course every time I come to the algarve. best regards, marc

Kevin Maguire 2017-10-25
We all agreed that this though not great was the pick of the course we played. Their cart path left alot to be desired. We enjoyed our weeks golf but as avid golfers we expected the courses to be in a much better presented state. It is no long good enough to just pack em and stack em.

Dan Carter 2017-10-24
Sensational course!

Michael Blanche 2017-10-17
Excellent course and good service

Bernard McDonnell 2017-10-16
The best of the 4 Very enjoyable

HOORNAERT 2017-10-15
OLD COURSE is a very good place

Peter Clement 2017-10-14
Great layout.

Michael Davies 2017-10-14
Very good

Richard greer 2017-10-13
Lovely course and friendly staff..pleasure to play.

Raymond Gray 2017-10-12
Course in excellent condition and provided a good challenge.

Mick Condren 2017-10-09
This is a beautiful golf course and was enjoyed by all of our group.

Sharon Watson 2017-10-07
Fabulous, enjoyed this one but greatful for a buggy.

Mark Clifford 2017-10-02
Best course on our trip very enjoyable

Erich Renz 2017-09-26
Wie immer ein Erlebnis, guter Zustand und wenig Betrieb vor uns.

Steve Brunton 2017-09-21
OK, but the greens were not in the best condition.

Kenny McDonald 2017-09-19
great golf course, definitely a challenge

Erwin van der Stap 2017-08-23
Staff friendliness could be better; nice course.

David Collier 2017-08-12
No halfway house or course refreshment buggy. Course in good condition.

Elizabeth Halliday 2017-08-05
Staff were Brilliant and very welcoming .

James Wood 2017-08-04
Excellent course and very helpful staff, the course itself is interesting and in immaculate condition with some memorable feature holes. Practice facilities were not that good though, you cant use driver and the whole area only covers 200 yds, we found numerous range balls on the holes that run adjacent to the course...that said it is a minor issue, the course is excellent. We ate in the clubhouse afterwards, service and quality was good.

Chris Knowles 2017-07-24
Brilliant as usual. Course was immaculate and staff as friendly as always.

Danny French 2017-07-22
Cheapest buggies at €25. Nice well established course, compact.

Eithne McMahon 2017-07-21
Had a great day. Lovely course to play.

Derek Scott 2017-07-16
Very enjoyable , course in good condition- on course staff excellent The best course of the four we played.

Christopher DREW 2017-07-16

Gary Duke 2017-07-11
Just fantastic - I cant really pick between the Millenium and the Old Course as to my favourite they are both really good

Brendan Collins 2017-06-27
Very good course in good order with some excellent holes

Josh Pitsillides 2017-06-22
Brilliant course, lightning greens and tight fairways. A good experience even for a mid-high handicapper such as myself!

Neil Rodgerson 2017-06-10
Great course. Fairways and greens perfect. Money needs to be spent on buggy infrastructure. Normal rack rate is expensive if you compare with monte rei

Robert Harris 2017-06-06
Great condition

Kevin Steele 2017-06-04
always love to play the old course n buggy hire considerably cheaper

John Munn and Hugh Hegan 2017-06-04
I liked the greens best of all three courses played.

Mary Bradshaw 2017-06-03

Gordon Burrow 2017-06-03
Excellent course to play - my favourite

David Shaw 2017-05-28
Still the best course in the area

Judith Tolcher 2017-05-27
I love playing this course.

Peter Lamont 2017-05-26
Really great course always a thrill to play.

Frank Corten 2017-05-25
Absolutely stunning, even the fairways are better than the greens at my home course.

Craig Frame 2017-05-23
The best in Vilamoura by a long way, we should play this one every time we come, better than Victoria

Anthony Coombs 2017-05-21
The Old Course was in the very best of condition this year, helped by the fact that we were the first off, so we set the pace of play. Due to the lush grass and the early morning dew, pitched approached shots were very herd to judge correctly. The only area that requires attention was the condition of some of the teeing grounds.

Ray Seager 2017-05-20
Great condition, extremely helpful.

Clive Sims 2017-05-18
Always a favourite with us but not in as good condition as in the past.

Graham Johnson 2017-05-17

Bobinski 2017-05-16
very good but a bit overpriced comparing with rest courses

Ian Green 2017-05-15
Another testing course with plenty of challenges, again in fantastic condition, any highly recommended.

Cliff Morgan 2017-05-15
Usual hard challenge and course is in excellent condition, especially given the number of visitors!!

Forde 2017-05-10
a must for anyone who wants a challanging golf experience

Per Lokken 2017-05-09
Excellent Course

Per Lokken 2017-05-09
Excellent Course

Ian Fisher 2017-05-08
Best course iv ever played! There was a mix up with our transfer after our round & it was getting late & they gave us a complimentary drink, superb customer service!

Jeremy Pragnell 2017-05-08
Excellent and very well marshalled

Marc Luthi 2017-05-05
Very enjoyable as usual.

Bryan Dick 2017-05-01
This is the best course we have played in Portugal. I'd go as far as to say it's in my top 5/10.

Paul Maclean 2017-04-23
Old Course is always a favourite for all the guys on these holidays. Classy, wonderful course, friendly people and nice food. Superb.

Timo Kahila 2017-04-19

Robin Seabrook 2017-04-17
Old Course very good as usual, enjoyed playing with the Chez Carlis group and also the socialising at ' Chez Carlos ' after golf.

Neal Rothwell 2017-04-15
Fantastic organisation by Douglas The Old course is a great challenge for all levels of golfer. Greens were slow uphill but fast downhill !! Back 9 is tough so score well on the front 9. Thankyou Carlos for the complimentary tasty snacks afterwards at the prize giving ceremony in Chez Carlos excellent restaurant. Great days great memories. ????

Simon Till 2017-04-13
Fine condition and one of our favourites

Lenni Vainio 2017-04-09
Good course, i like it very much

Klaus Abraham 2017-04-09
Very good

Alan Kane 2017-03-30
This was the least impressive of the 3 courses we played

Fallow 2017-03-30
Enjoyed the course which was in good condition.

Susan Booth 2017-03-28
Our second visit to the Old Course and it was just as lovely as we remember. Good condition and a warm welcome.

? Tim Amor 2017-03-26
Course very, very good. Much better condition since we last played it. Expensive but worth it.

Defranoux Daniel 2017-03-16
The most beautiful of those we have done. Nothing to say that bravo.

Vilma Chapman 2017-03-08
Our favourite course, so interesting, very pretty but also challenging

Michal Hatle 2017-02-27
beuautiful course as always but somewhat degraded by processionary moth catepillars causing severe skin allergies to several team members. No warning given at the reception/hotel/agency which we consider quite irresponsible

Damian Howe 2017-02-20
This is a superb course but on the day we had some heavy showers which affected the scores but they did not dampen our spirit. Everything about this course is great.

George Rutherford 2017-02-17
The best course we played super condition

Ian Fisher 2017-02-07
Superb courses, excellent all round service

Paul Dickinson 2017-02-02
Excellent course, but disappointing the bar and restaurant were closed

Thomas whiteside 2017-01-27
First class the bar was under decoration on my visit . So delighted that they were offering free drinks and sandwiches on the course. A much appreciated gesture. The course was super you had to use every club in your bag so the big hitter does not always win.

Allan Andersen 2017-01-09
Great course / very friendly staff Restaurant closed w/o upfront communication

Nico Kraszkiewicz 2016-11-24
outstanding course, pretty narrow, but challenging!

John Deveney 2016-11-18
Always our favourite, pathways in need of some work. Not averse to carrying my own bag but on our second visit nobody to meet us on arrival, first time this has ever happened. Hope this is not a sign of things to come now Oceanico have sold out, otherwise staff excellent.

Bill Murphy 2016-11-11
Walked off in the heavy rain. Didn't get to enjoy it.

margaret platt 2016-11-08
Nice golf course

Dave Ryan 2016-10-29
Tough course more suited for really good golfers. Beautiful course

Ben Jones 2016-10-21
Very good course, held up by the group in front and course marshel wasn't much help due to the fact they were members. Overall though a must when in Vilamoura.

Richard Stephens 2016-10-10
Had a good time at this course. Good condition.

mike williams 2016-10-09
Fantastic experience and course in excellent condition.

Richard Hannam 2016-10-03
Greens a bit on the soft side resulting in footprint indents and bobbly surface etc

Maurice Rogers 2016-09-27

Phil Clements 2016-09-22
Always a pleasure to play here.

Peter Crockett 2016-09-19
Course was in great condition as always

Mark Illingworth 2016-09-15
Excellent lay out, greens a bit messy and very slow

Tom Keenan 2016-09-13
The Old Course is just a great classic golf course and the staff are very welcoming.

John Graham 2016-09-12
I have played the old course for many years now along with my friends I have also promoted this course , however I have felt over the last 2 years the greens are suffering and this year I thought they were patchy and very slow .

James Sweeney 2016-09-06
A great challenge ????

David McCrone 2016-08-20

Jon Burrows 2016-08-08
Could have done with the Marshall being more proactive as several groups got stuck behind a four ball and play was unnecessarily slow. Fantastic course.

Miguel de Paiva Couceiro 2016-07-18
Great course, I started playing golf so that I could play at the Old Course; in fact we have owned a house on the 17th fairway for almost 40 years! Very nice staff all over. Marco is most helpful and very kind.

christine rostron 2016-07-12
good course

Franco Di Fonzo 2016-07-06
Very difficolt course with all the trees on the side. Irons will help you in many occasions

Kevin Walker 2016-07-06
Great course, well maintained and challenging for an 18 handicapper since it is lined with Cedar Tree'sthat make the course quite tight. Not much water to avoid but still challenging. Moves through the gentle hills making good use of the terrain. Greens and fairways in very good condition. Buggy and club rental team extremely helpful.

Darren Howlett 2016-06-30
fantastic course, loved by all 8 of us. Will always be on our Algarve rota.

Steve Russell 2016-06-29
Loved it as usual

Steve Russell 2016-06-29
Loved it as usual

Tommy Grehan 2016-06-28
always a favourite and in great condition.

Neil Rogerson 2016-06-28
Great as always

Peter Lamont 2016-06-27
The jewel in the crown. I could play this course every day. Very enjoyable from start to finish everybody was more than helpful.

David Parker 2016-06-26
An excellent course, well managed with a good balance of easy and difficult holes.

david shannon 2016-06-21
Wonderful, condition of tees, fairways and greens superb, almost up there with Valderamma.

Steve williams 2016-06-20
Fantastic golf course, beautifully maintained, plus golf buggies were 20 euros, which was a welcome surprise

Kristiane Peuten 2016-06-19
is was very positive that a Marshal controls a good fast play - everything was o.k.

Phil Baines 2016-06-17
Old Course is still very good; although the clubhouse facilities are now a little tired.

Steve White 2016-06-07
Very good as always

Trevor Swift 2016-06-04
Great course

Mrs Judith Tolcher 2016-06-03
This is my favourite Oceanico course, all the staff are very welcoming.

Karen Shaw 2016-06-01
Excellent as usual

Philip Halpenny 2016-06-01
As for Millenium

Bill Hunt 2016-06-01

Balz Riesterer 2016-05-24
Excellent, well maintained a nice poeple. At arrival it was raining and cold. They offered right away a voucher valid for one year in case that we do not want to play. Very kind! The sun came out and we had a great day!

Cliff Morgan 2016-05-16
Another excellent 18 holes on my favourite course in the Algarve, in great condition despite the rain beforehand.

Mark Deverell 2016-05-03
It's the Old Course, so still the best laid out and most attractive course in the area. Greens were a bit woolly though

John Bennett 2016-04-22
In poor condition compared to previous years.Marshalling very poor

Paul Whittaker 2016-04-08
enjoyed the course, a bit scruffy in places, always an enjoyable day

stephen evans 2016-03-18
A classic golfing challenge that every golfer should experience. In beautiful condition in every way.

Rene Olthof 2016-03-17
more or less our favorite from Oceanico

Huber Othmar 2016-03-11
Golfcourse in poor condition

Colin Smith 2016-03-04
We have played the Old Course many times, and the course was yet again in excellent condition. The service received was first class

George Rutherford 2016-02-12
The course was round the corner from our hotel Excellent condition very good test of golf on our radar for next vist

Brian Cains 2016-02-08
Good course and condition

Paul Dickinson 2016-02-07

Trevor Wills 2016-02-04
A wonderful experience. This course really has class and was a delight to play.

Fiedler, Manfred 2016-01-31
Sehr gut

Clive Sims 2015-12-23
The Old course is an excellent course but I do not feel it is in the normal perfect condition. The Greens are not as good as normal. We were disappointed at the Marshalling. The course was quiet but a very slow 4 ball were allowed to hold up 2 balls although they had many clear holes in front of them. However overall we enjoyed it and love the course.

Torben iversholt 2015-12-12
Very crowdy the day we played. Very difficult greens, but still a great course

David Lyng 2015-12-10
Excellent service and friendly staff. Course as always in great condition and very enjoyable.

geoff ball 2015-11-29
Golf course and service all good

Doris Hormann 2015-11-25
Wunderschöner Platz. Unser ''Lieblingsplatz'' in dieser Gegend

olga 2015-11-13
We had a voucher because we couldn't play 1st of november. We plaid monday 2nd november and the course drained so well we didn't noticed a problem of water! Very nice design. And very nice people at the desk and restaurant

Clive Sims 2015-11-10
It was not in as good a condition as normal, the greens were disappointing.

Adrian Thorogood 2015-11-02
Very slow round indeed. Finished 18th in pitch black.

David Stewart 2015-10-31

Richard Bell 2015-10-30
Very good course, always a please to play and enjoyed by all players of abilities within our group. This is a must play for us.

Jimmy rogers 2015-10-26
Traditional Portuguese golf course. Well run.

ian sanderson 2015-10-26

Paul Bennett 2015-10-26
Beautiful! Played here on my birthday and won with 38pts.

Doug Montgomery 2015-10-23
The tee booking they had on their computer was for only 1 tee time not the two we had booked - however they sorted it out without fuss and we set off as planned.

Gary Attewell 2015-10-18
Brilliant tree lined course Plot yourself around for a good score

Chez Carlos Golf Society 2012-09-17
Hot on the heels of the success of the Summer event at Quinta Do Lago we returned back to the Old Course in Vilamoura - a favourite of many. There is a couple of weeks remaining before high season resumes and the cheaper rates disappear. Consequently we managed to raise an ensemble of 18 players for an Individual Stableford competition beneath blue skies and sunshine. Ideal conditions once again and some great scores many of which were 30+ points. Special note must go to Chez Carlos member Derek Hughes who commented on his 45pts as being ‘the 3rd best round he has played.’ I think it was a day when it all went right for him and a hearty congratulation; occasionally they do happen. The Society will be reducing his handicap accordingly as it will be to Dean Chambers & Rob Heap. 1st: Derek Hughes (h/cap 11): 45pts 2nd: Dean Chambers (h/cap 15): 39pts (b/6: 17pts) 3rd: Rob Heap (h/cap 13): 39pts (b/6: 14pts) Nearest The Pin 4th : Paul Beevers 15th : Dave Walshe

Chez Carlos Golf Society 2011-12-22
A return back to the Old Course is always a treat. Dry and mild weather continues here in the Algarve and whilst the course was surprisingly wet in places as we have had very little rain it was virtually void of golfers making once again for 'millionaires' golf. Very little roll on the ball indeed if any played the course longer than usual complimented by immaculate greens especially when you consider we are in winter and a week away from Christmas!


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